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Word List

Dharug English Category Dialect
muruduwin fairy wren Bird Dharawal [more]
bululbali fall dharug [more]
murama fall dharug [more]
yari- fall dharug [more]
yini fall Warami dharug [more]
duruga falling star dharug [more]
mulumulu falling star dharug [more]
mudjin family Mudjin dharug [more]
warawara far away dharug [more]
wuganmagulya Farm Cove dharug [more]
guray fat dharug [more]
bugai fat (human) Dharawal [more]
bugay fat (human) dharug [more]
guray fat (human) dharug [more]
biyanga father Dharawal [more]
biyanga father Mudjin dharug [more]
biyanga ngalawayu father,sit, dharug [more]
dyirrun fear dharug [more]
ngunyul feather Bird Dharawal [more]
ngunyul feather Badalya dharug [more]
darral feather ornament Badalya dharug [more]
wubin feather tail or pygmy glider dharug [more]
wubin feather-tailor pygmy glider Dharawal [more]
dana feet Barrang dharug [more]
nindi female dharug [more]
weering female animal dharug [more]
wiring female animals dharug [more]
ngununy female animals in general dharug [more]
mariyung female emu Bird dharug [more]
wirragule female goanna dharug [more]
budagarung female kangaroo Mammal dharug [more]
bungu female possum Mammal dharug [more]
garawiya female stranger dharug [more]
ngumul fence - name given to palisade dharug [more]
ngayirinara fetch dharug [more]
yanara fetch dharug [more]
mana- fetch (see 'take') dharug [more]
mamila fifth island coming up the harbour dharug [more]
dyurala fight dharug [more]
malat fillets dharug [more]
manwari find dharug [more]
bidiluray fine weather dharug [more]
bura garimi fine weather dharug [more]
garungan fingernail dharug [more]
guren?? fingernails dharug [more]
barila fingers dharug [more]
beril fingers Barrang dharug [more]
marra fingers dharug [more]
guwiyang fire Badalya dharug [more]
gwianga fire dharug [more]
djarraba firestick, giver of fire dharug [more]
Marana First Dharawal [more]
buwamiliya first island coming up the harbour dharug [more]
marana first or to be first dharug [more]
maugra fish dharug [more]
maarra fish (generic) Dharawal [more]
baragalun fish - a fish dharug [more]
guraydarrawina fish - a fish dharug [more]
murawal fish - a fish dharug [more]
badiwa fish - a large fish dharug [more]
banilung fish - a large fish dharug [more]
burunaganaga fish - a large fish dharug [more]
waldagal fish - a large fish dharug [more]
magura fish - generic name dharug [more]
magari fish - to fish dharug [more]
magura fish - to fish dharug [more]
galara fish harpoon Badalya dharug [more]
muding fish harpoon (small) Dharawal [more]
muding fish harpoon - a small fish-gig dharug [more]
guwariya fish harpoon for children dharug [more]
guwariya fish harpoon for children Dharawal [more]
galarra fish harpoon; 7 metres with 4 barbs Dharawal [more]
bara fish hook made from shell, dharug [more]
magura fish, any fish Fish dharug [more]
burunaganaga fish, unknown type Fish dharug [more]
mani fisherman dharug [more]
man fisherwoman dharug [more]
maugerry fishing dharug [more]
girra-girra fishing gull dharug [more]
gara dyung fishing line dharug [more]
garradjun fishing line - lines were made dharug [more]
Magari fishing time Dharawal [more]
damuaya fit to eat dharug [more]
bulabula wugul five dharug [more]
Maridiyulu Five Dharawal [more]
marridyulu five dharug [more]
bugulbi flag or iris of this country dharug [more]
bining flank dharug [more]
marrinagul flathead Fish dharug [more]
guwarri flathead - small flathead dharug [more]
mubarri flathead - small flathead dharug [more]
burudu flea Insect dharug [more]
munna flea dharug [more]
badiel flesh dharug [more]
badyal flesh or lean (human) dharug [more]
djarra djarra flesh or lean (human) dharug [more]
baragula flood tide dharug [more]
miyanga fly dharug [more]
miyanung fly Insect dharug [more]
miyanung fly - a large fly that bites dharug [more]
miyanga fly as a bird or spear dharug [more]
wilbing fly as a bird or spear dharug [more]
wumara fly as a bird or spear dharug [more]
dyulibirung fly-blown dharug [more]
bungu flying phalanger dharug [more]
bungu flying phalanger Dharawal [more]
guruwaguruwa flying phalanger dharug [more]
gurbuny fog Nura dharug [more]
walanga follow dharug [more]
bada- food dharug [more]
badalya food Badalya dharug [more]
Kun-durru Food Dharawal [more]
nggununy; badalya food Dharawal [more]
Ngungunani Food Dharawal [more]
ngununy food dharug [more]
manuwi foot Barrang dharug [more]
manuwi foot Dharawal [more]
duna foot or the feet dharug [more]
jannnawi for me for you dharug [more]
darragali fore-finger dharug [more]
gobina forehead dharug [more]
ngulun forehead Dharawal [more]
ngulun forehead dharug [more]
munuru- forget dharug [more]
garabara form of dance Manyaniya dharug [more]
bulabula four dharug [more]
bulawiri bulawiri four dharug [more]
galunalung four dharug [more]
marridyulu four dharug [more]
wugul warri four dharug [more]
ganyimung fox rat - large fox rat dharug [more]
wiriyamin fox rat - large fox rat dharug [more]
baraba French wordcumbungi, bullrushes dharug [more]
gunamaga friday Warami dharug [more]
gamarada friend Mudjin dharug [more]
Ngalaya Friend or Ally Dharawal [more]
gamarada friend or comrade dharug [more]
mama friend or comrade dharug [more]
midjigan friend or comrade dharug [more]
gamarada friend; comrade Dharawal [more]
gumal friendship dharug [more]
budgiwung frilled neck lizard Reptile dharug [more]
gunggung frog Reptile dharug [more]
birung from dharug [more]
mirruidin From above Dharawal [more]
dagara frost Nura dharug [more]
duruwan fruit Badalya dharug [more]
marrinmara/mirriburu fruit Warami dharug [more]
mumarri mumarra fruit Badalya dharug [more]
wugi fruit dharug [more]
bumurra fruit of the potato plant or potato apple dharug [more]
gamarral fruit of the potato plant or potato apple dharug [more]
buruk full dharug [more]
eri full dharug [more]
galigali full dharug [more]
mudang full dharug [more]
barrang buruk full belly dharug [more]
ganu full belly dharug [more]
dilluck yanada baragi full moon dharug [more]
djilak yanada full moon Nura dharug [more]
marri full moon dharug [more]
marri yanada full moon Dharawal [more]
marri yanada full moon dharug [more]
-ba future Manyaniya dharug [more]
ngabay future event dharug [more]
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