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Warami budyari darraburra

Words for greetings for single individuals.

, wellamabami  It is good to see you, wherever you have come from.

When you are greeting many people.

Warami wellamabamiyui, yura.  It is good to see you all, people.

When a group of mature men are gathered.

Ngyini-ga budyari mullayin?  Are you good, married men?

When a group of mature married age women are gathered.

Ngyini-ma budyari dyinmang?  Are you good, married women.

When a group of children are gathered

Boys: Ngyini-da budyari wungarra?  Are you good boys?

Girls: Ngyini-mi budyari gilygan? Are you good girls?


Biyal         Yuwin

No       Yes

Practice Examples:

Yanu, Yenma, Yenmala Goodbye, walk, let's walk.

Naa, Naala, naala ni. Look, let's look, let's look see.

Naala ni nin Darani? Let's look see the Ghost Gum?

Naa ni nin Badagarang: Look see the red kangaroo.

Naa ni nin Garraway: Look see the white cockatoo.

Naalalibyila Marragawan: Let's all look brown snake.

Naa ni nin Bulada Ghan: Look see the snake.

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