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Bada, Wida, Nanga, Nangami

budyari-ba ngarra ngyini (good hearing to you)

Didjurigura yuu warami (Thank you and good to see you)

Marri didijurigura dane nin iyura naalabiyu wawa diya Dalang, maana ngyinu arunga yyu nagami.  Big thank you for the people looking at this Tongue. collect you're shield and dream.

Budyari yaguna, guwi ngullawayu byalla-wa nura. Ngyina mudang iyura yuu ngyina wingaru-ga ngyini.

Good day, come sit to talk on country. We are strong people and we think with you.

Byalla-la Lets begin talking

Budayari Mullinawul gulyangarri Good morning children

Yuin Guwan - yuin wurrai Yes uncle - yes aunty.

Ngarra-la let's listen

Lesson for Gulyangarri (Children)

Begin with slow claps, sing a line and finish with faster claps of Wadi Wadi. Speak the sentences constantly to students of a morning and very soon they will be creating their own patterns relating around the Dalang of the Sydney basin.

As a vocal exercise extend the double aa, ii and where you witness double rr, one is expected to roll them together, spend five minutes helping the students repeat the sounds:

Ex (1)

ba-da-ga-ja-la-maa-na-na-naarra-taa-wawa-yaa minyin-ga byalla-ra  maanayuwi-da Bulunga wungarra gillygan.

Ex (2)

bi-di-gi-ji-libyila-mii-ni-ni-nin-naa-wiyu-wiyui-la-Wurrungwuri dah

One must remember the bold text above is an exercise in aural speech so one may hear the familiar sounds of Original languages of Australia.

Short phrases:

Guwi ngalawayui gabara-wa-ga buun wingaru dalang waru

Come let's all sit with heads on to think around tongue.

Ngan ngyinu giyara? What's your name?   Dye giyara dah Warambi' My name is flying fox.

Naa naala nura nura nura, naa ni nura-wa nura-wa nura-wa

Look let's look country country country, look see on country. (On=Wa)

Bada wida nanga-la, Nangami. Nangami. Nangami. Namgami.Nangami

eat drink let's sleep, dream.

Bada-libyila, wida-libyila, nanga-libyila, nangami-libyila

eat together, drink together, sleep together, dream together.

Children let's go and play, take his/her hand.

Gulyangarri yan-ra dyanmila-da, mana nunu damara.

Cook: Gunuma

Gunuma-la waru diem, ngyina badalya Banilung dane baragabad.

Let's cook on or around here, we'll eat large fish for breakfast.

'Notice Banilung for large fish is closely related to the name Beenalong. Another example of the different linguist that re-scribe our Dalang in the hope of presenting a particular thesis. the same misunderstanding are presented as Bondi relating to Waves Crashing on Rocks or Ulladulla being described as a clan. The real terms for 'Waves crashing on rocks' is Galginiderra bumradbanga-wa gibba'  Ulladulla is an Yuen Kurig/English word which interprets to the colonies Hole in the Dollar. or one has a hole in their head.

Yellwarra yununga ngulladulla (One is effected by the moon and regarded as a lunatic)

Practice singing:

Wiyanga, gunama-wa nura-wa, nura-wa, nura-wa ........

Mother, cooking on country, on country, on country

Biyanga, wulbunga-da nura-da, nura-da, nura-da ........

father, hunting now around country, around country, around country

Wingaru-waru nura-da...nura-da...nura-da....nura-da

thinking in and around country.

Wingaru-wa mudyin..mudyin..mudyin-bu...mudyin-bu...mudyin-bu

thinking on relative..relative..relative's

Mudyin-bu ngalawayu-wa nura gunama dane gulyangarri

Relatives sitting on country cooking for children

Dabura dane ganunigang yura baruwa nura. (Megalinanara)

Paint for old people near country. Megalinanara

Guwara buruwa nin marrang buwandi-bu Gudmut wugarndi Djuni naa

High winds above the beach Red Bull Ant run away Scorpion watching

Naminma Wiyanga ngan dah? Show me mother what is it? (Find names of other relationships and add to sentence)

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