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Word List

Dharug English Category Dialect
yuridyuwa sit near Warami dharug Listen [more]
wurral slow Warami dharug Listen [more]
wulumay Snapper Warami dharug Listen [more]
warrawi stand Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
wari spear from grass reed Warami dharug Listen [more]
waranara seek Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
waran Sydney Cove Warami dharug Listen [more]
ngalga sit and look Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
nangara sleepy Ngaya dharug Listen [more]
nanga sleep Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
naminma show Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
murul sand dharug Listen [more]
mudbi stare Warami dharug Listen [more]
marrayagong spider Insect dharug Listen [more]
marragawan snake, brown snake Reptile dharug Listen [more]
marang sandy beach dharug Listen [more]
guruwin shark, grey nurse shark Fish dharug Listen [more]
gunyamarra stinking or bad smell Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
gilabiny sea gull Bird dharug Listen [more]
garrigarrang sea Nura dharug Listen [more]
garrig garang sea dharug Listen [more]
garramilyi soak Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
gana smell/burn Warami dharug Listen [more]
gamarabu same day Warami dharug Listen [more]
gadyan sydney cockle Badalya dharug Listen [more]
gadjal smoke Badalya dharug Listen [more]
dyargali scratch Barrang dharug Listen [more]
dyaramak sacred kingfisher Bird dharawal Listen [more]
duwal spear; short with 2 barbs dharawal Listen [more]
duwal short spear two barb Badalya dharug Listen [more]
duttrung shoulder Barrang dharug Listen [more]
djurumin sister Mudjin dharug Listen [more]
dawaran seal Water Mammals dharug Listen [more]
burumurring sea eagle Bird dharug Listen [more]
bunburra skink, small lizard Reptile dharug Listen [more]
bulada snake Reptile dharug Listen [more]
bindhi stomach or belly Warami dharug Listen [more]
barrang stomach Barrang dharug Listen [more]
balgayalang south Nura dharug Listen [more]
baggi skin Barrang dharug Listen [more]
badjal sick Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
guwing burragula sunset Nura dharug Listen [more]
darratt gunang spear Badalya dharug Listen [more]
daringyal stingray Fish dharug Listen [more]
murjalga saturday Warami dharug Listen [more]
bulada ghan snake, generic dharug Listen [more]
aragung shield for war dharawal [more]
banggarai swamp wallaby dharawal [more]
Baya Speak dharawal [more]
burra; garrayura sky dharawal [more]
dinbin Stupid/silly/deaf dharawal [more]
djubi sugar glider dharawal [more]
gadial smoke dharawal [more]
galgala smallpox-like disease dharawal [more]
gathu sea dharawal [more]
Kurra-nu Skin dharawal [more]
Mareiin Sacred dharawal [more]
marraia Some dharawal [more]
marrang sand; beach dharawal [more]
midyung sore dharawal [more]
Mugu stone hatchet dharawal [more]
Ngaa See dharawal [more]
Ngad Stop dharawal [more]
Ngaramura See the way dharawal [more]
nguttan Sides dharawal [more]
walu shin dharawal [more]
warroo Small boy dharawal [more]
wigun spear thrower made from heavy wood with one end rounded to be used as a digging stick. dharawal [more]
winnarga Small girl dharawal [more]
wumara spear thrower about 1 metre long dharawal [more]
Yuri Say dharawal [more]
guyunga sunday Warami dharug [more]
durunung son Badalya dharug [more]
naa see Manyaniya dharug [more]
dangaa swan Bird dharawal [more]
garrawi/kirrawee sulphur-crested cockatoo Bird dharawal [more]
girra~girra seagull Bird dharawal [more]
guwali shag or cormorant Bird dharawal [more]
murradjulbi singing bushlark Bird dharawal [more]
Kulla-Gua Small Fish dharawal [more]
bulu shadow of tree Plant dharug [more]
buran stringybark Plant dharug [more]
dhuraga splinter Plant dharug [more]
buurah sky Nura dharug [more]
guwing sun Nura dharug [more]
guyung smoke from fire Nura dharug [more]
yellamundie story teller Nura dharug [more]
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