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15 january month of Gadylang 2011


As of recently three Sydney Dance Companies have collaborated to produce numerous dances related to songs in the Dalang of Sydney Basin and Lower Southern Highlands. Each dance company have worked nationally and including internationally at events abroad, bringing a professional level of dance song and education to the public concerning the families and bloodline of thousands of surviving Mudyin. Through collaboration we are continuing the traditional aspects of Lore.

Sharing love and culture into the lasting days  

Jannawi Danced Botanical Gardens HRH Prince William

Doonach Danced for the Pope

Koomurri Dance have performed for the city of Sydney and it's constituents, at the harbor foreshore constantly over the period of 6 years. All three dance companies have performed at numerous festivals and for dignitaries from all over the world.   

Koomurri recently launched the Indigenous Cricket at the Sydney Cricket Ground, appearing alongside the young brilliant Jessica Muaboy. Obviously Shane fell in love and we have to mend a broken heart. Shake a Leg brother dat's showbiz.

We will be bringing culture into the future 2011, Yenmabayu (walking into the future)