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Biiami created the rivers, creeks, the mountains, the bush, forest, mangroves which protected the shoreline. Biiami rasied his arms and sang the mountains into beings of sacred significance. Biiami looked about the land he had created and called it Bembul-ra, pleased with his creation, he created the Iyura setting the human beings amongst his creation of life. With people there would be a need laws for the continuation of life. Traditional practices would include dance, song, and Lore to protect family and cultrual heratige.

Biiami sent his eldest son Daramulan to live in the trees of the bush and create the songs for the people. Daramulan arrived on the planet through the voice of the 'Bullroarer' A sacred instrument used for special ceremonial practices. Daramaluan was also known as Dharramulluan 'The One Leg'. It is in the legends that Dharramulluan left the Midyini seed in every spot in the ground where his stump had left it's impression.

The Iyura were finally happy that they would have ready made nurishment straight from the Bembul-ra. The Midyini root the Dharug yam.

Once Bembul-ra had been created Biiami returned to live in the sky, Buurah. The Darug, Dharawal, Thurrawal, Dhurrawal all sang into the sky calling him The All Father or The Sky Hero asking him to create ceremony so that all the Iyura of the lands would know. So it was that Garriberri had begun, Biiami song had been heard all the way across the Muru mittiga, ngaliya-wa Baindian. Walliga, Walbanja and into the hearts and minds of all the clans.

Naala ni yuu ngarra, Yellamundie yibban-da.

'Look see and listen, storyteller singing'

We still are linked to this creation through our totems.