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Goomberee or Gumberri was the Chief and father of Yarramundie, leader of the Boorooberongal. Sadly his mother's name went unrecorded. It is recorded that on the 28-12-1814 Goomberri and all his wives attended Yarramundie and the entire Darugule nations at Lachlan MACQUARIE new settlement at Burramattagal (now called Parramatta).

Gumberri was a senior lore man of the Darugule iyura. There are numerous surviving decendants of the Boorooberungle living today throughout the western ranges of Sydney, from as far north of the Blue Mountains into the deep south of Woollongong and further along the coastal lands. Thousands of Goori people can trace their ancestory to the same line as Gumberri (Goomberry).