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Gumberri nura

Goomberry country
The name Darug came from linguist of the period who had assigned the word Darug for what the people were eating. The name Darug aligned with Dharramaullen who was the eldest son of Biiami and whom had been sent to walk the earth and plant the seed of the Midyini for the people of the land the 38 clans of the Darugule. Nevertheless traditional Goori people never used names for language.

When visiting the National Park be aware everything you see before you had been assigned a name long before the history of the world had ever been written in stone, the elder men and women of this acient continent gathered and created lore through song, ceremony and dance.

Guyanayalung, Gooyananlang, Guburah, Gooboora, are all terms associated with circles of elder man of power and wisdom. Buralyung, Boorooraralyung, are the equvilent of elder women. The huge white gum tree, that is so common where you stand , that you might need to know his name, Darani, the Geebung has an older name of Mambara. When you walk along the guided winding tracks, the trees in the bush are called Yerung.