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Guruwin and Daringyal

Once upon a time long ago when the Iyura lived as giants there were two brothers of the clan, both were blessed of gifts of the great hunter Guruwin and his younger brother the dancer Daringyal.

Every day around evening Ngutti Guruwin would go to his father Biyanga and complain about all the attention Daringyal received after his nightly performance.

Guruwin would say. Father all the beautiful woman they watch him.

Biyanga garragalleion-aliyung jillung naa nanu.

Yes son you are a hunter man and strong they watch you now.

Yuin durunung wulbungada mulla yuu mudang naalibyila jillung ngyini yaguna.

Every morning Daringyal would come to biyangara gunyah and ask his father,

Why do all the people pay Guruwin so much attention Biyanga? Finally on one morning Biyanga could take no more of the envy being expressed between his durunung.

Standing the elder man summoned the entire mob to tell everyone that he had decided to banish both Guruwin and Daringyal to unknown lands until they had sought each other in council or at once decided each others fate.

So it was that the brothers battled each other throughout the lands of the buruwan, balgalayang, buruwi, bayinmarri.

Their giant footprints leaving the soft water holes we knew about the land, where they landing and rolled saddles, valleys and mountains rose.

The songs and tales of their disagreements are varied and many, communicated through the lands of Bandian.

The last of the tales reminds the yura of the need to love and care for family.

Some say that towards the final days of battle the younger brother Daringyal was leaning between the fresh water where he took his fill of drink and the sea where he hunted for his meal.

Guruwin the elder brother Bulunga crept of through the rushes where he was watching the skill of Daringyal on the hunt, overcome with a rush of envy Guruwin stood and through his spear striking Daringyal beneath the tail bone.

Daringyal fell into the ocean as he fell and in a final breath he drew his buumarang and through it high into the sky Gurru Burra, the buumarang returned and found its mark between the shoulder blades of Guruwin, the elder brother bulunga fell into the ocean and followed after his younger brother.

As Daringyal fell beneath the surface of the ocean he found his last dance and swam forever in the body of the stingray.

When Guruwin fell beneath the surface of the ocean he embodied the Grey nurse shark.

Biyanga came to where his sons had battled to the death and through his tears fill all the dry water holes and sang the lore that all brothers will work towards protecting and looking after their young and old, that from this time forward all would share the love and affection towards the hunters and dancers of every clan.