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Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

First we start with the words of the song for every part of the body in parts of four. We find students will study for hours on their own or with friends to get the song right. 

You must remind the student that there have been numerous spellings of the (Dharug-Dharawal-Yeun Gurig Dalang biyal-biyal iyura, yura, eora) dalang. Students will reclaim and understand the format as it is taught and if sung slowly at first.  All of the Dalang body words can be found in the word list on this website. 

Head Shoulders Knees Toes

Gabara Duttrung Gurug Manuwi

Eyes Ears Mouth Nose
Maya Guri Waalan Nugura

Eyebrow Eyelash Cheeks Chin
Yennerri Marlin Birabira Walu

Heart Stomach Skin Bone

Buttbut Barrang Baggi Djara

Shoulders Arms Hands Fingers

Duttrung Minning Damara Beril

Also you can use

Midyung, Sore. Mulali, Sick. Yanarabi, Tired. Mudang, Strong.

Create your own crossword puzzles and within hours you and your family will discover the beautiful sound of our Ancestors.


Dye dana dah midyung: My foot it is sore.

Dye durumin mulali-wa nin Barrang: My daughters sick in the stomach.

Dye binning-da mudang yuu marri-ga garrang: My legs are strong with a great deal muscle.

Ngyina yura Yanarabi, ngalawayu-la. We people are tired, let's sit down.

As students become increasingly aware of the anatomy the Dalang will update the more sensitive parts of the body.