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History of the Darug

Many members of the Darug community live in and around Sydney. A few people retain knowledge of the language, despite our people having suffered the longest history of colonisation, dispossession and displacement in Australia.

Recently, efforts have begun to revive the language, supported by members of the community and by the NSW Department of Education and Training. The Dharug dalang is currently taught at Chifley College, Dunheved Campus and at Doonside Technical High School by Mr Richard Green. Richard considers himself “an exponent, not an expert”, and speaks and sings of this land in Sydney.  Below is a brief example of contempoary diolouge being revitalised at Chifley College Yrs 7- 8.  A conversation between to incredibly gifted students.

Warami, wellamabami (it's good to see you, wherever you have come from) 

Wiyanga gunya, budyari mullinawul warami, yenma-la (Mothers house, good morning it's good to see you, let's walk)

dyamawayui yan-bu? (where are we going to?)  

Yanada-ga Dharug byalla (monday Dharug class to speak)

yuin, yan-la (yes, let's go)

To listen to Richard Green's short history of contact click on the link.