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In Greeting

In this section of Yabun Yibbun, song and singing we present some welcome songs.

Listen to the song Budyari gumada. Nye : Good spirit come around the people seated. Spirit (Hold your mouse over for songs to load)

Again using sticks - Budyari Gumada Good spirit come around the people seated with wadi wadi.

First and foremost we must acknowledge the ancient songs our Elders sung about our Nura beranga, (country from where we are from) We cannot know or understand the songs of yesteryear, nevertheless we have been encouraged to search for the remainder of our language. 

During the past 15 years a core group of Iyura have been committed to learning and reviving the Dalang of our ancestors, we have become readily aware of the spiritual presence at such gatherings and have been assured of our Garriberri.  From Katoomba to Sanding Point and Wreck Bay we have sang amongst the bush of our Nura, we have gathered as family members around Sydney from the Prince Alfred Memorial Park in Parramatta to Buwandi, (Bondi beach). We have been reminded of places along the Durrubin, Colo and the river systems, of places that came to be known as present day Parramatta-Winsdor-Hawksbury river system, where elder men Guyanayalyung and women Dyinmang, sat by the banks and sang for hours, the stories of their ancestors and the country upon which they were born. 

It has often been mentioned by Elders of the clan:

'when th' ol' people dropped the stones into the pools of water.....they sang songs as gifts for our generations to follow'      

This quote has never left me from Wungarra to Mullayin Yellamundie.

Today we revise such sentiments through the use of our language reclamation and continued revival. We will never speak the traditional Dalang of our ancestors unless we sing, using the terms of reference surrounding environment and the elements you might create a song dedicated to the space in which you gather.  

Song is the only method one can adopt to learn our languages, before it was spoken the Dalang was sung in darkness, the Iyura communicated throughout the landscape through Yibun-libyila (Singing together). In 2010 we are singing across the land and the Guwarra (wind) is bringing every breath and melody. This ideal of renewal and awakening Borbuga is being replicated across the entire continent of Original Australia. 

Buruwan  (north)

Balgaylayang  (South)

Buruwi  (east)

Bayinmurray (west)

Original Indigenous First Nations people are communicating, sharing traditions, culture, song and dance. The entire philosophy is focused on and interconnected with the Lore of protecting land, for we are the gardeners and caretakers.  For every living bird, insect, mammal and reptile there is a relationship to song and ceremony. For our descendants are the living embodiment of every blade of grass and every bush and tree, we are attached to every rock, mountain, the sky the coast the sea. 

Yerung (trees) Temura (tree) Darani (ghost gum)