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Jado and Yellamundie

This page will hold the record of stories to be included, it is dedicated to our Birapi/Dhungutti coastal brother Jado whom left us too early and without another to fill our hearts.  Father, Brother, Musician, dancer, actor and storyteller.  We name the park in Maroubra Daringyal after our brother  and Bra Boy Jado. R.I.P

Yellamundie yabun

The Grey Nurse Shark is the Guruwin and oldest brother of Daringyal the stingray.  Hear how they became the Shark and the Stingray in the section Ol'Ones.

Wagan (the crow) and how he got his coloured feathers.

In the coming months we will present:

Yurungai and Bugul (The black duck and the rat)

Bulunga and the Cave

Gunggagung our frog

The Seven Sisters Dancing 

Wirriga and the song of wirragule