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The Darug iyura ( Darug people) would like to acknowledge many academics and individuals of soul and intuition, those with the foresight to have witnessed the 'Rising of the Damned from the Ashes of the Earth'

Nothing is more important surrounding the fabric of every culture more then land itself.

The original human inhabitants of this island continent have been aware of the nuances surrounding the concepts of survival on earth, longer then any other culture in the living memory of western civilization and recorded history. Thousands of years living on and about our universe, including understanding every aspect of environment.

The Boorooberongal Darug Iyura must highlight two incredibly gifted Australian linguist, both for their dedication to the research and protection of our endangered tongues. Their work has helped this language come alive, so that we can again greet you to our land.

Amanda Oppliger helped to create 'The Dharug Dictionary' and helped develop a process of language reclamation capable of being taught in a classroom setting. Also i would like to acknowledge her assistance in helping me to understand what previous linguists such as Jeremy Steele had achieved, where many others had failed to explain their role. She helped me to "Brave th' Bench and Press of the Salarium".

MacDonald Jeremy Steele (BA Keele University 1962) researched and wrote: A partial reconstruction of the Indigenous language of Sydney based on the notebooks of William Daws of 1790-1, was informed by other records of the Sydney and surrounding languages to c.1905. This was his thesis submitted for a Master of Arts through Warawara Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University. Submitted December 2005. My personal copy has been invaluable in helping to understand the subtle and complex phonetics and placement of language.

Finally, marri didjurigura wugul banne Troy, Jacki Yeun for her book 'The Sydney Aboriginal Languages' and for her faith in the language reclamation process and for helping us to understand the constant study involved.

Also we would like to acknowledge the support of Aunty Edna Watson (Upton) and women such as Lillian Sheara and her association with the Lore of the Boorooberongal and Dharug dalang including her continued support and promotion of the spoken language of Dharug Iyura.

This web site is also linked to Koomurri, the Australian Aboriginal Dance Connections, who perform in Yaban-Garriberri and are learning the Dharug dalang during constant performance, hearing, dancing, listening, singing and speaking in the dalang. We will be hoping to be aligned with a single body of speakers to help with cognition and ways to help the comprehension through proper dialogue. This site is also linked to Aboriginal Housing Company LTD PTY.

A big thank you to Dr Cat Kutay for invaluable support and the design and creation of this website. This work has been a project conducted by CITIES - Centre for Indigenous Technology Information and Engineering Solutions.