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Manyaniya Nambrimbrii

Lets Start

Let you all start looking at simple verbs, the word for sleep is Nanga, when we add -la it translates to let's sleep.

Bada eat. Bada-la let's eat.

Ngalawayu badala.  Sit down lets eat.

Banga make something. Banga-la

Gunama cook. Gunama-la

Gunamala gaban. Let's cook egg. 

Wamma swim. Let's swim wamma-la

Wammala-wa gararragarang. let's swim in the ocean.

Nanga sleep: Nanga-la Let's sleep:

Wida drink. Let's drink wida-la

Wida-la badu. Let's drink water

Yan go. Yan-la Let's go

Yenma walk. Yenma-la

If we are gathered in a group of more than two the phrase includes:








Example: everyone sit let's cook together and let's eat together

Ngalawayu gunamalibyila yuu badalibyila.

Use the above mentioned text to practice writing and creating your own phases in Tongue

Song Gulyangarri (Infant Children)

bada yenma wida nanga

bada-la yenma-la wida-la Nanga-la.

Word to practice Naminmabadanami (Show me) Naminmabadanami gulyangarri. (Show me children)