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Maria Locke

Maria LOCK 1805-1878 Biography of the family.

After attending the Native Institute at Parramatta where Maria Locke topped the year against all students Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, she married her traditional husband Dickydick at St Johns Church of England in Burramattagal 1822, within weeks of the nuptials Dickydick took ill and passed away, some suggest he was taken by flu like symptoms whilst others have assured he was taken by a mysterious sickness unknown to modern medicine.

Colebee, son of Yarramundie and bulunga to Maria is not to be confused with Colbee from Wungal in Sydney. We are of the line of Colebee

Later and after some time in mourning for her late husband Maria fell in love and married a convict by the name of Robert LOCK on the 26th January 1826 at St Johns Cathedral Burramattagal.

The traditional term: Balagayman Boorooraralyung Boongarrunbee living around Yulang and country.

After her brothers death Maria petitioned the Governor for the particular tract of land, successfully gaining access in 1843. The benefits of her education in the colony enabled Maria to petition for land on behalf of her husband Robert, who received 40 acres in Liverpool in trust for (Maria ; Lock) Maria was granted another 30 acres at Blackstown, working the land with, cow, horse and plough. Robert Lock died on 23 August 1854 aged 53 years and was buried 2 days later at st Bartholomew's Church on Boot Hill at Prospect.