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The following resources have been downloaded and collated from Dixson Library, State Library of New South Wales:

Vocabulary List, An account of the English colony in New South Wales: with remarks on...the native inhabitants of that David Collins, London: Printed for T. Cadell Jun. and W. Davies, 1798-1802, Appendix XII, pp.610-616. (Ref: DL Q79/60)

and from Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Listing of Aboriginal languages, 1801-1849, manuscript, including: Native names of Points and Islands in Port Jackson; Vocabulary of words having the same meaning in different parts of Australia; Vocabulary from natives about Stonequarry Creek; Words spoken by Blacks at and beyond Wellington Valley; A Short Vocabulary of

Aboriginal names and words of the Cammeray Tribe, NSW, 1844-1907, manuscript listing recorded by J. F. Mann, from Long Dick (son of Bungaree and Queen Gooseberry), a native of the Cammeray Tribe (Cameragal). (Ref: Am 1/Folder 1)

Letters from David Blackburn, received by Richard Knight, 12 July 1788, 19 March 1791, manuscript with listing of indigenous vocabulary from New South Wales with 'English explanations'. (Ref: Safe 1/120)

Also we have linked a copy of the out of print Language reference by:

Jackelin Troy (1994) The Sydney Languages. A copy of this is linked here.

Reference Books:

Amanda Oppliger, The Dharug Dictionary.

MacDonald Jeremy Steele (2005) , A partial reconstruction of the Indigenous language of Sydney based on the notebooks of William Dawes of 1790-1. Thesis submitted for a Master of Arts through Warawara Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University.

Dying Words: Endangered Languages and What They Have to Tell Us by Nicolas Evans. Published by Wiley-Blackwell


Ryde Hunters Hill Flora and Flora Preservation Society, 100 YEARS of Field of Mars Reserve 1887 - 1987. November, 1987