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Wagin Worgin Wagin the crow


One morning Wagan the Crow woke to the sounds of the morning bush song. Sitting on his perch high above the canopy of the treeline Wagan could see for miles.

He shook and ruffled his feathers and sat watching where all the other birds were hunting and thought to himself at that very moment how beautiful his feathers were compared to all the other birds of the bush. For this was at a time when Wagan had the most colourful array of feathers, he was by all accounts the most exquesite bird in the bush. All the other birds were very envious of Wagan.

Garraway would tell his flock of cockatoo

'We might not mind Wagan being so if he'd only stop his own song from singing his beauty'

Dyamuldyamul the eagle hawk inquired of Bubuk the wise owl what the birds might be able to do to teach wagan a lesson?

Bubuk opened his large Maya and hooted his response.

'There is one flight of path we might lure Wagan'

calling all the birdlife together, here is what they planned!

The next morning Wagan uponed his eyes and cried across the valley "Waganwag, worginga"

All the other birds began to put Bubuks plan into action. Maugrai strutted about before all entire flock and said that he was faster then a Badagarang on the hop, Wagan heard Maugrai but dismissed his challenge as ridiculous the Maugrai had no wings for flying. Maugrai had gained the attention of Wagan when he inquired of the Burumerring, how fast he could fly? Wagan heard the Eagle Burumerring reply that he was the fastest bird in the air.

The second part of Bubuks plan had been put in place, when Wagan heard that the Eagle thought he was the fastest bird in the air, the trap had been sprung, Wagan leaped down to the lowest branch and laughed at Burumerring before challenging all the birds in the bush in a race to the sun.

Before midday thousands of birds of every kind filled the afternoon skyline. The birdfolk fly higher and higher into the Gurraburrah, one after another the different species began falling back towards the Bembul and settled amongst the trees Yurung.

Wargan, worgin, waagan, wargin the crow and most beautiful bird in the bush, heard the words of the elder Bubuk as he fell back to Bembul.