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Yanadaga Moon with Ga

Days of the week:

The moon Yanada' and the Sun Guwing' were at one time man and woman.

Yanadah the young unmarried gatherer had fallen in love with a married hunter Guwinga. Yanadah had been promised in matrimony to another man Bulunga, for weeks Yanadah would follow Guwinga everywhere she could. Finally the elder married women Dyinmang' noticed the relationship building between the couple and gathered with the elder married men Mulla-bu' to discuss the restraints of LORE. It was decided that they would be warned of their transgressions and if they continued to harbor feelings towards each other they would both be punished.

Yanadah laughed at such suggestions and continued to track Guwinga-da' every movement. The elder people held a special ceremony which lasted for some weeks and turns of seasons.

One day both Yanadah and Guwinga met and as they touched both could sense their spirits being drawn from their bodies and lifted towards the sky, Yanadah could sense only darkness whilst nearby Guwinga had been blinded by light. 

At present Dyilak Yannadah Baragi has been assigned to live in the moon Yanada and her unfaithful lover has been given a home in the center of the sun Guwing, only for a brief moment during a total eclipse do the lovers ever sight each other as a warning to others of the punishment concerning adultery.     

It is obvious that our society never had words for seven days of the week.  The days of the week have been created by the students at St Marys Dunheved Chifleys College.  Using the same paradigm of the Celtic method of relating to days of the week for use in our own tongues.

Monday Moon, Tuesday Spirit, Wednesday Stars, Thursday Thunder, Friday Cooking, Saturday Red, Sunday Sun.

Every word is relative to the days of the week, the suffix Ga is highlighted and added to represent we are talking about a day of the week as opposed to communicating about a specific items such as the moon, yanada, the sun, guyun etc.

Good morning, now is monday: 

budyari mullinawul, yaguna dah yanadaga

tuesday: budyari mullinawul, yaguna dah nyega

wednesday: budyari mullinawul, yaguna dah birrungga

thursdsay: budyari mullinawul, yaguna dah murunglega

friday: budyari mullinawul, yaguna dah gunamaga

saturday: budyari mullinawul, yaguna dah murjalga

sunday: budyari mullinawul, yaguna dah guyunga