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Launch of Site

The official launch of the Dharug Dalang

Contact Mr George Mannix

Major Events & Sponsorship Services Manager

Parramatta City Council 9806 5747

Schools and community groups are accessing the Dharug.Dalang.


17-19 December Garriberri was held at the Sandon Point, Wolongong. The wind seemed to settle for the opening ceremony, performed by Uncle Max Dharamalun Harrison 100 people stood in a circle about the sacred fire and listened to an elder man of high degree speak about the land and environment and the responsibility we have as caretakers of the earth on which we walk.


Uncle Dooch spoke and welcomed everyone to the next three days of the Embassy

5pm three days of music and celebration began

Dr GREENTHUM opened and was joined by local musicians Dave Field and ''Roger Loves Betty''. The scene had been set for the next three days.

Mc Dave Field, introduced the following acts on the opening night. 

Dirt Band, Roger Loves Betty, Cape Tribulation and Alotta Pressure