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National Parks and Wildlife

We thank the New South Wales Parks and Wildlife who are supporting the language, so that the very species of flora and fauna might hear the names spoken again. The Darug decendants would like to extend a greater appreciation toward the Parramatta Council and the continued support within the Historical Societies.  It is through the continued support of the N.S.W.P.W that the language could be heard sung in short phrases during the recent visit from Oprah Winfrey and Harpo Productions, Australian Holiday.

Highlight's and Official Openings 

Bones, Thugs and Harmony Gadigal Information Service 93.7FM,

Ben Harper Gadigal Information Service Marrickville.

Sheik Omah Aboriginal Housing Company (2009) Redfern.

5-6pm 11.12.2010 Koomurri Dancers and Dharug song man Nambrimbrii (R GREEN) sang for Oprah and her 300 Guest Audience Members as each made their way to the Red Carpet and setting for the Harbor Bridge O to appear. The collective of Koomurri were to a man honored to have represented on such a scale as we made our way towards the exit to the silent sound of waves lapping against the sandstone and honest smile of the sparkling waters of Kamay/Wungal.

2004 would witness Richard GREEN attending the United Nations convention 'Habitat for Humanity' Ankara, Turkey. The 3 week event was Hosted by the Sydney University in conjunction with Col JAMES of the IB.Fell Research Center of Sydney University and including the Aboriginal Housing Company PTY LTD.

Richard would speak before the President and Prime Minister of Turkey about the treatment of Aboriginal people in their own country, drawing a crowd of 20,000 when he raised the Red-Black-Yellow standard above the heads of the assembled media and causing a small disturbance when he befriended a young Kurdish child and preferred the company of certain Kurdish refugees to that of the Pomp and Ceremony.   

Nambrimbrii has opened with the official Welcome to Country on countless events throughout Sydney including Australia Day Celebrations at Farm Cove Wuggan ma Gule. 2000 Victoria Park Olympic Committee Tent Embassy Poet, he has performed Dharug/byalla for numerous community and all three tiers of Government, educational faculties such as Universities, Schools, TAFE. Museums and Sydney's Historic Town Hall. Parramatta Town Hall. N.S.W.P.W. The Opera House official opening with Uncle Allan Madden of the Gadigal people for the premier of Blackfella Films award winning production of the The FIRST AUSTRALIANS. Spoke at the GOVERNMENT HOUSE during celebrations of 'The Sydney Theater Festival 2010, 'The Fence'

Urban Theater Production 'The Fence' recently won the award for best production at the 2010 Sydney Theater Festival, receiving the award in January 2011

Nambrimbrii has sang and performed for Micheal Franti 'Spearhead' (Addison Rd Community Center) Highlights include 'Snoop Doggie Dog' 'The Labor Party delegation of ex Prime minister's HAWKE - KEATING, N.S.W Premier Morris EMMA during APEC Convention, the proudest moment for Nambrimbrii came when he opened for his favorite Australian Mr. Gough WHITLAM

17. 2. 2011

Richard presented the Dharug Byalla' Welcome to Country in the official opening and to introduce N.S.W first female Governor, Her Excellency Dr Maria Bashir at the Garven Institute of 'St Vincents Hospital Darlinghurst for the international Convention on Mental Health. Joined on Yidaki by the most humble of human beings, Original Australia have ever produced,

Mr Alfred Mark' Coolwel

For further details contact:

Guwan (Uncle) Gordon WORKMAN 0415663763 DOONSIDE

Elder Dyinguranang Valarie GREEN/WEBB on 47824607 BLUE MOUNTAINS, KATOOMBA


Elder Guwan-Gumang Jeff COOPER on 47826264 BLUE MOUNTAINS, KATOOMBA

Aunty wurrai Jacinta TOBIN: 98065747 BLUE MOUNTAINS, MT VICTORIA

It has been accepted that reclamation can never gather the fluidity of our revelent Ancestors due to the processes of invasion/colonization and denial during such a turbulent era, yet we can be assured that the Nura (country) of Burramadagal will surely recognise your intentions.  

Names such as the clans of the Wanngal, Wallumedegal. (Wallum, Walan) are also terms for rain.  There are numerous phrases which indicate rain Bunna-bunna for example is another term for rain and widely known and recognised amongst Original iyura. Or for example words of phrase such as Yan to Go' Yenma Street to walk, Yennura (yennora) is relative to everyone walking on country.

Numerous words related to the Dharug dalang fill our Street Directories throughout the suburbs of the Sydney Basin, the GPS sitting pride of place on the console display the very same tongue. Although the dialect might differ concerning the lore of country and lay of land, the Dalang is being communicated along the greater eastern seaboard of the continent. The languages have converged to such an extent, that a fresh language is being upheld amongst Yura of the Yulang'

Common phases amongst entire populations can be recognized by all Original people, know matter from what nation. Nevertheless the meanings for such language can be found in the section 'Word List'

Yabun yibbun Biiami dane, durunga yuu garriberri.

Ngaya yan yilia-Wa, When said by women.  Ngaya yan yila-Ba, When said by men. The Wa' indicates sitting on something, the Ba' indicates someone is standing at that exact spot in the present moment.

As human beings we are in a race against time concerning the protection we must all at once offer the planet, collectively we are responsible to learn, and begin listening to the FEEL of the Nura (country) and you will discover from the Australian environment that the land is sacred and everything that is living, feels, hears, see's and has its own story. 

The Bambal-wa Bembul-ra, are the Clay on and around the Earth a living entity upon which we are all guest.

Biiami wyubuinninya Bembul-ra marri-wa marri, marray muru mittiga yuu iyura. Darug/Boorooberongal yuu Dharawal/Bidjigal Wangal-ga marri Mulla-yin Mulla-bu, dyin-mang yuu Boorooraralung guulyangarri, wungarra yuu gilygan.

'Yibun-ra dane nin bembul-ra garriberri'

The great spirit gave to the Earth many, a great many pathway's for friends and people. Darug/Boorooberongal and Dharawal/Bidjigal with the Wangal many married men and women, married women and beautiful children, boys and girls.

'Singing for the earth celebration'

Byalawayagu Gamarada yanu.  

Talk soon comrades goodbye.

Saturday 11th December. Oprah Winfrey (Sydney Adventure)

Koomurri Management in association with Nambrimbrii will be appearing 6pm at the foreshore International Terminal for the 'Dharug/Byalla' performance and welcome to Oprah Winfrey's official arrival to Sydney.

17th-19th December Dr.GREENTHUM opened the entertainment section of the Sandon Point Tent Embassy 10th year celebration to recognize the Protector and Land Lord of Sandon Point, Wolongong. 30 bands played including the local musicians of the south coast inlet, including Combat Wombat, Tim & Jody of the Clouds' and crowd favorite Christine ANU. A special guest appearance by Western Australian Actor and musician Kelton PELL (Benath Clouds, Stone Brothers) on Talia' Written by Dave FIELDS. 

January SCG Koomurri Management, Nambrimbrii and Jessica Mauboy performed at the Indigenous Cricket Match between the the NRL players and Australian Aboriginal Cricket Team. 

17th November Dr, GREENTHUM - Nambrimbrii will be joining Maestro Kevin Hunt at the Sydney Music Con to Perform 'Burrabulla' for the outgoing Dean of Music, Mrs, Kim Walker.