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Place Names

Parramatta = burramatta from  burra = eel; matta = place (water)

Cabramatta = cobramatta from cobra = cobra grub (Teredo); matta = place (water)

Wianamatta (South Creek) from wiana = mother; matta = place (water)

Dural from dooral =  thirsty

Marra Marra Creek from mara marra = very big

Cattai from cattai = here (this place)

Toongabbie from toonga = thick woods; bie = belongs. Duungabbie also relates to the white clay found at the head of the river, situated near thick woods. 

Maroota from muru = pathway; ta = suffix ta-da related to the actual action of doing.

Yarramundi a name from yarra the crab, which was known to run sideways.  Associated with a man on horse back thought to be one complete animal, the people related the word crab with man riding in a saddle, later to become known and reffered to as Yarraman

Woronora from warra = far; ora = nura = place of running water 

Yennora from yen = walk; ora = place Yennura nura-wa. Walking on place. 

Marayong from marayong = emu = Mariyung, Maugrai.

Colo River from colo = koala

Mulgoa from mulgoa = black swan = Mulga

Kurrajong from  kurrajong = tree

Gubbiti = white pipe clay; = Tulla bambal. 

Bardonarrang Creek from bardo = water; narrang = small

Source: "Daruganora: Darug Country - The place and the people" by J.L. Kohen Published 2006 by the Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation