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Use of Dictionary

This dictionary is a work in progress so your feedback is important to us. Please read the instructions by following the "more" button below.

The dictionary is a quick reference to words you search on the top of the page.

Search: This allows you to search by English and Bundjalung.

You can also select a prefered dialect.

You can also select an exact word or related word search (related searches include exact as well).

Sort: The dictionary provides an exact search where it can, or a related search if not. When you have searched a word you can then select other related searches on the right hand menu beside the wordlist.

Also by clicking on the column heading you want, you can sort by English, Bundjalung or Category (when we have those).

Word list: The word list may include some words with an audio file online. If so we provide a link to click - 'Listen' - to listen to the word spoken. The word may be used in a different context (eg mountain also is the word for hill etc) but it will give you the pronunciation.

More on a word: Beside each word is a 'more' link. If you click this it will provide more information on that word, such as example sentences and when and where the word was recorded.


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