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Advance Australia Fair
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Advance Australia Fair in Dharawal

Advance Australia Fair
Advance Australia Fair (hold your mouse over to hear song). Although this is not to be considered a literal translation, the song is in fact, sung within the original melody, nevertheless the words and morality of the original has been observed. It was recently sang at game 3 of State of Origin Homebush Stadium. Produced by LOPEZ Andrew of 'Out There Productions' it was brilliantly performed by rising young singer, Corey Kirk who was joined by Glenn and Mathew Doyle on Bummerings and Yidaki. Iyura marriyalabilya ngyina guulyangarri yarralga bembul. Wulbunga-da ngurrah garragarang-waru beranga wa temura garaga, waru buuyuri Yellamundie waru beranga, yanmalib-yula Iyura. Waru bugi beranga Garriberri Iyura Words to Advance Australia Fair (hear words spoken)

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