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Words on Country

Although there are numerous names for trees many people are aware of names such as Yurunga for example: 

A tree standing alone is a Demura or Temora. 

You are waking on pathways named Muru and the are relative to walkng Yenura or Yennora. Muru might also be referred to as a running path of water.

When you are travelling in a pair the phrase is Mittigar, if you travel in groups of 2 you a related as Ngaliya.    

The clouds above you are name Buurah, Boorah, a cluster of clouds are Buurah-dah

Earth  Bembul. walking on earth, Yenmara bembul-ra

Wind  Guwarra.  This is a strong wind,  Mudang guwarra,  diya-dah

Fire     Gwianga.  Let's make a fire, Bangala gwianga-da

Water  Badu.  Wash with water Milyadyuga badu


Eg: A ranger might say

Warami budyari yura, gawi ngalawayu ngaya-wa bangada narang byalla.

It's good to see you, come sit together  make small talk.       


Let's talk?

Additional text can be discovered in the section word list, use you own imagination and create your own format of language.

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