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When you meet, how to greet

Its good to see you wherever you are from (standing male)

Warami wellamabami


I am from Paramatta (sitting male) he points down the river past the people fishing, the others turn their heads to look and then turn back to the seated man

Ngaya Burramatta-ga.MP3


Whats your name? (standing male)

Ngan ngyinu giyara



I am Nambrimbrii  (let the rivers run, let the people be all one color) (sitting male)

Ngaya Nambrimbrii-ma


We are your relatives (standing male)

Ngyina-wa Mudjin-Marlin


I am your uncle (standing male)

Ngaya ngyinu Guwan


I am your aunty  

Ngaya ngyinu Wurrai


Lets eat together

Bada-la Bada lalibyila 


Lets walk together 

yenma-la yenma lalibylia