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Word List

Dharug English Category Dialect
yenna gone dharug Listen [more]
yellowanmin go away dharug Listen [more]
wirragule goanna, female Reptile dharug Listen [more]
kurijung glad dharug Listen [more]
bulada ghan generic snake dharug Listen [more]
budyari karaga good pronounciation dharug Listen [more]
wuruna go outside dharug Listen [more]
wirriga goanna dharug Listen [more]
wirriga goanna, male Reptile dharug Listen [more]
warunggat grey haired Barrang dharug Listen [more]
warami good to see you Warami dharug Listen [more]
ngwiyi give Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
marri great Mudjin dharug Listen [more]
guruwin grey nurse shark Fish dharug Listen [more]
gumang grandfather Mudjin dharug Listen [more]
gulgadya grass tree Plant dharug Listen [more]
gilbanung grasshopper Insect dharug Listen [more]
garagarang glad dharug Listen [more]
galun grass tree stem - used to make spears dharug Listen [more]
galun grass tree stems Plant dharug Listen [more]
dyin girl dharug Listen [more]
duga give dharug Listen [more]
dadyibalung good Warami dharug Listen [more]
dadyibalung good (as to eat) dharug Listen [more]
dadyibalung Good food Dharawal Listen [more]
burradhun grub Insect dharug Listen [more]
bulga green dharug Listen [more]
budyari good, well, right, proper, dharug Listen [more]
budyari ngutti good evening Warami dharug Listen [more]
budyari mullinawul good morning Warami dharug Listen [more]
bayingawuwa Garden Island, third island Nura dharug Listen [more]
banyadjaminga give away for nothing dharug Listen [more]
banyadjaminga give one a hand Warami dharug Listen [more]
bamuru grass Plant dharug Listen [more]
badagarang grey kangaroo dharug Listen [more]
gurruwin grey nurse shark dharug Listen [more]
garrah-mah gut dharug Listen [more]
dyinguranang grandmother dharug Listen [more]
bong-u glider possum dharug Listen [more]
beeniang generic bird dharug Listen [more]
ganimung Gaimard's rat-kangaroo Dharawal [more]
Kila-kila-dee galah parrot Dharawal [more]
daburulburul gape (see 'yawn') dharug [more]
mana- gather Badalya dharug [more]
mana- gather (see 'take') dharug [more]
bindadhan Gave to me Dharawal [more]
bindadhan Gave to me Dharawal [more]
Bindadhau Gave to me. Dharawal [more]
mana- get (see 'take') dharug [more]
yaluwaninmin get away! dharug [more]
yan muru yan get away! dharug [more]
babuga get up dharug [more]
buyi ghost, apparition or spirit dharug [more]
man ghost, apparition or spirit dharug [more]
mani ghost, apparition or spirit dharug [more]
durungaling girl dharug [more]
guring girl dharug [more]
waruwi girl Dharawal [more]
waruwi dyin girl dharug [more]
ngawiya- give dharug [more]
dulumi- give away for nothing dharug [more]
jillerri marra Give it a name Dharawal [more]
bindeendhan giving to me Dharawal [more]
Buideendhan Giving to me Dharawal [more]
gurigurang glad, or not angry dharug [more]
mudja glad, or not angry dharug [more]
garada glossy black cockatoo dharug [more]
garadi glossy black cockatoo Bird Dharawal [more]
garal glossy black cockatoo dharug [more]
ngalbunga- go dharug [more]
yanma go Manyaniya dharug [more]
dada go away! dharug [more]
ngalbangadyawa go away! dharug [more]
wara go away! dharug [more]
wara wara wayi go away! dharug [more]
wuru go away! dharug [more]
yanwuri go away! dharug [more]
gugugu gugugu gugugu go away!, let me alone!, psha!, dharug [more]
didyay go now! dharug [more]
dadadadadadadada go, go, go (make haste)! dharug [more]
Yanma Go/Walk Dharawal [more]
garru(wa) guyaa Going that way-up north Dharawal [more]
yauinyandau-wandhau Going to run away from it? Dharawal [more]
maridyulu gone or expended dharug [more]
budyari gumara good afternoon Warami dharug [more]
budyere karaga good pronounciation dharug [more]
ngubadi good, well, right, proper, dharug [more]
guman grandfather dharug [more]
Guman (new) Grandfather Dharawal [more]
mingawarragarra grandfather Dharawal [more]
mawa grasp - to take hold dharug [more]
durawuyi grass dharug [more]
muru grass dharug [more]
yagali grass tree seed head dharug [more]
gilibinung grasshopper dharug [more]
galun grasstree stem Plant Dharawal [more]
buma grave dharug [more]
Marri Great Dharawal [more]
wargaldarra great dendrobium dharug [more]
djirra greedy dharug [more]
gumun green dharug [more]
gunama green-head ant dharug [more]
garrama grey-headed (also old) dharug [more]
duba ground (the ground) dharug [more]
wangawang ground parrot Bird Dharawal [more]
wangawang ground parrot dharug [more]
guwibidu ground shark dharug [more]
djurali grow dharug [more]
duru gudgeon dharug [more]
djugadya gull - large, either the Pacific or silver gull dharug [more]
gan gun dharug [more]
djarraba gun or musket - literally 'fire dharug [more]
bread gwanggal Dharawal [more]
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