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Word List

Dharug English Category Dialect
yura people Dharug Listen [more]
yura people or Aboriginal people Dharug Listen [more]
walan pouring rain Dharug Listen [more]
malya python; diamond python Reptile Dharug Listen [more]
guwadagang pidgeon; bronze wing pidgeon Bird Dharug Listen [more]
gurrundurrung paper bark tea tree Plant Dharug Listen [more]
gurrundurrung paperbark - the inner bark of tree Dharug Listen [more]
gurrundurrung paperbark from tree Plant Dharug Listen [more]
guragura possum; red or brown possum Mammal Dharug Listen [more]
galara prong of the Dharug Listen [more]
dyanmila play Dharug Listen [more]
djirrang parrakeet Bird Dharug Listen [more]
damun port jackson fig Plant Dharug Listen [more]
budjur paperbark - the inner bark of tree Plant Dharug Listen [more]
budjur paperbark from tree Plant Dharug Listen [more]
bindiwurra pregnant Warami Dharug Listen [more]
garranga bumarri pelican Bird Dharug Listen [more]
gadji penis Dharug Listen [more]
birubirru pig Dharug Listen [more]
narawang paddle or oar Dharug [more]
banga- paddle or row Dharug [more]
narawang paddle; oar Dharawal [more]
daydyay painful Dharug [more]
dabura- paint Dharug [more]
bali parched Dharug [more]
baramada Parramatta or Rose Hill Dharug [more]
wana Parramatta or Rose Hill Dharug [more]
burramattagal parrametta Warami Dharug [more]
guriyayil parrot or parrakeet Dharug [more]
guriyal parrot; parrakeet Bird Dharawal [more]
yurura passionate Dharug [more]
-dya past Dharug [more]
yuangga Path Dharawal [more]
muru path or road Dharug [more]
gumama paunch Dharug [more]
birrarik pee-wee; magpie lark or Dharug [more]
garrangabumarri pelican Bird Dharawal [more]
gadja penis Dharug [more]
gadya penis Barrang Dharawal [more]
windji penis Dharug [more]
Darug People Mudjin Dharug [more]
badjagal people who inhabited the island Dharug [more]
ganamagal people who inhabited War-mul Dharug [more]
wugara perch Dharug [more]
marraga perhaps Dharug [more]
yura person Warami Dharawal [more]
burudal person said to be unfriendly to colonists Dharug [more]
mawuguran person said to be unfriendly to colonists Dharug [more]
bunyuwal person who carried the compass Dharug [more]
madyi petticoat Dharug [more]
jaulangai Pheasant Dharawal [more]
darraburraburiya pick teeth Dharug [more]
manyu pick up Dharug [more]
nanung piercing of the nasal septum to receive a bone or reed decoration Dharawal [more]
darramuwa pig Dharug [more]
wali pig Dharug [more]
bawama pigeon (green) Dharug [more]
djura pinch (see 'strike') Dharug [more]
guman pine tree Plant Dharug [more]
guman pine; fir tree Dharug [more]
mudjaru pity or sympathy Dharug [more]
ngurang place Dharug [more]
Ngura Place/Country Dharawal [more]
Gay Please Dharawal [more]
Gay Please Dharawal [more]
gay please (pray) Dharug [more]
Mulumulung Pleiades Nura Dharawal [more]
dhinburri Pleiades Dharug [more]
Mamarrianda Pleiades Dharawal [more]
mulumulung Pleiades Dharug [more]
burrandjarung plover Dharug [more]
barayinma point called the docks Dharug [more]
wudang point of a spear Dharug [more]
ganjiwan policeman Warami Dharawal [more]
baruwaluwu porpoise Dharug [more]
walumil porpoise Dharug [more]
dainun Port Jackson fig Plant Dharawal [more]
walumil Port Jackson shark Fish Dharawal [more]
burumin possum Mammal Dharawal [more]
garri possum Mammal Dharawal [more]
burumin possum (grey) Dharug [more]
budbili possum rug Dharug [more]
budbili possum rug Dharawal [more]
gooragle Possum; Dharawal [more]
badadu potato Dharug [more]
midyini potato Badalya Dharug [more]
buduru potoroo Dharug [more]
buduru potoroo Mammal Dharawal [more]
badubara pour Dharug [more]
djarba pour out Dharug [more]
yilaba- pour out Dharug [more]
walan yilaba pouring rain Dharug [more]
yilaba- pouring rain Dharug [more]
bindhiwurra pregnant Dharug [more]
binya pregnant Dharug [more]
guwugu presently Dharug [more]
wangit pretend Dharug [more]
garungarung pretty Dharug [more]
duralang prick Dharug [more]
garraba prong of the Dharug [more]
damuna prong of the fish harpoon Dharug [more]
bayalagarriga pronounce Dharug [more]
garag pronounce Dharug [more]
garaga pronounce Dharug [more]
barrin pubic covering or apron Dharug [more]
yadbi push anything along Dharug [more]
wumara gadyanma put a shell on a stick Dharug [more]
Wiyana Put down Dharawal [more]
wiyana- put down Dharug [more]
barrin put on a garment or ornament Dharug [more]
milyi- put on a garment or ornament Dharug [more]
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