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Word List

Dharug English Category Dialect
yanu bye; I go Warami Dharug Listen [more]
wural bashful; ashamed Dharug Listen [more]
wiri bad Warami Dharug Listen [more]
wiri bad; wrong; malignant or Dharug Listen [more]
waraburra botany bay tea Plant Dharug Listen [more]
wadanggari banksia Plant Dharug Listen [more]
ngurra bird - the name of a large bird Dharug Listen [more]
ngayiri bring Dharug Listen [more]
mudun better Warami Dharug Listen [more]
marri big ship - name given to the Dharug Listen [more]
marragawan brown snake Dharug Listen [more]
marimirung borrow Dharug Listen [more]
marang blowfly Insect Dharug Listen [more]
madang brave Dharug Listen [more]
guwadagang bronze winged pidgeon Bird Dharug Listen [more]
gutbalie broken Dharug Listen [more]
gunyagunya beetle Insect Dharug Listen [more]
garmit black cockatoo Bird Dharug Listen [more]
gana burn Warami Dharug Listen [more]
gamay Botany Bay Dharug Listen [more]
duga brush or forest - thick wood abour water Dharug Listen [more]
djara bone Barrang Dharug Listen [more]
djambi brother-in-law Mudjin Dharug Listen [more]
dirrabari broadleaf ironbark Dharug Listen [more]
buwabili buried Badalya Dharug Listen [more]
burudyara butterfly Insect Dharug Listen [more]
bunmarra blue tongue Dharug Listen [more]
biyarabuni burnt Badalya Dharug Listen [more]
barrang belly Barrang Dharawal Listen [more]
baraba bullrushes Plant Dharug Listen [more]
warambi bat Dharug Listen [more]
wallu-mill bull head shark Dharug Listen [more]
nabung breast Dharug Listen [more]
gudyang bush pigeon Dharug Listen [more]
garuma black bream Dharug Listen [more]
garuma blubber Dharug Listen [more]
djarra bone Dharug Listen [more]
bunarang blood Dharug Listen [more]
bubuk boobook owl Bird Dharawal Listen [more]
bubuk boobook owlet night jar Dharug Listen [more]
binyang bird Dharug Listen [more]
barung be Dharug Listen [more]
mirrung belonging Dharug Listen [more]
buya back Dharug [more]
gili back Dharug [more]
gurrabal back Dharug [more]
muray back Dharug [more]
ngarunga bad country Nura Dharug [more]
wiri nura bad country Nura Dharug [more]
wunyang bad pronunciation Dharug [more]
wiri gitji bad spirit Mudjin Dharug [more]
garadji bad; wrong; malignant or Dharug [more]
guji bad; wrong; malignant or Dharug [more]
gangat bald Dharug [more]
ngurranbulba bald Dharug [more]
mundu Bandicoot Dharawal [more]
wirragadara bandy bandy Dharug [more]
wirragadar bandy-bandy Reptile Dharawal [more]
yalga barb of a spear Dharug [more]
Yalga barb of a spear Dharawal [more]
bugi bark Plant Dharawal [more]
bugi bark Plant Dharug [more]
bugi bark Plant Dharawal [more]
muruwaba bark Dharug [more]
nurba bark Dharug [more]
djuraduralang bark for fishing lines Plant Dharug [more]
djuraduralang bark used to make fishing lines Plant Dharawal [more]
dagurayagu bashful; ashamed Dharug [more]
bangala basket Dharug [more]
gungun basket - a vessel made Dharug [more]
gulima basket - made from Dharug [more]
gulima basket made from the knot of a tree Dharawal [more]
wirambi bat Dharug [more]
wirambi bat Mammal Dharawal [more]
Bugi bathe Dharawal [more]
bugi bathe Dharug [more]
yarring beard Dharug [more]
yarring beard Barrang Dharawal [more]
ngarrang bearded dragon Reptile Dharawal [more]
bidjiwung bearded dragon or Jew lizard Dharug [more]
ngarang bearded dragon or Jew lizard Dharug [more]
gurinyi beat gently Dharug [more]
marribayi beat hard Dharug [more]
bayi- beat; strike; fight; kill; hit Dharug [more]
garrun beatle found in the grass tree Dharug [more]
Wugongga Beautiful or blue water Nura Dharawal [more]
wuruwuru begone!; an exclamation of defiance Dharug [more]
mirrung belonging Dharug [more]
dadu below or under Dharug [more]
Murrumwirugan Belt of Orion Dharawal [more]
wigay berry Badalya Dharug [more]
wigay berry Dharug [more]
bidyal better Dharug [more]
burudi better Dharug [more]
Nana Better Dharawal [more]
burudi better (time) Dharawal [more]
Marri Big Dharawal [more]
marrinuwi big ship - name given to the Dharug [more]
nuwi big ship - name given to the Dharug [more]
munu bill Dharug [more]
munu. bill Bird Dharawal [more]
binding bird Bird Dharawal [more]
binyang bird Bird Dharawal [more]
yidbung bird Bird Dharug [more]
dilbung bird - a small bird; with a Dharug [more]
gunyadu bird - the name of a large bird Dharug [more]
Buddyanbuloala Birds Bird Dharawal [more]
ngurra birds' nest Bird Dharawal [more]
bidjigat biscuit Dharug [more]
biya- bite Dharug [more]
dul bite Dharug [more]
oysters bithinga Fish Dharawal [more]
Kubbre kubbre Black Dharawal [more]
ngana black Dharug [more]
womboin Black Kangaroo Dharawal [more]
babunang black ant Dharug [more]
yerrermurra black bream Fish Dharawal [more]
garuma black bream Fish Dharawal [more]
wugadjin black bull-dog ant Dharug [more]
yurungay black duck Dharug [more]
gugurruk black shouldered kite Dharug [more]
mulgu black swan Dharug [more]
mulgu black swan Bird Dharawal [more]
gugurruk black-shouldered kite Bird Dharawal [more]
Kum-mum-ura Blind Dharawal [more]
munyming blind Dharug [more]
garagadyara block which was thrown along Dharug [more]
banarang blood Dharug [more]
banarang blood Barrang Dharawal [more]
mala blood Dharug [more]
naba blow the nose Dharug [more]
buwa- blow with your breath Dharug [more]
garuma blubber Badalya Dharawal [more]
gawun blue pointer or mako shark Dharug [more]
gugurruk blue-faced honeyeater Dharug [more]
munhagut blunt - for example; a blunt knife Dharug [more]
magalyinyara body decoration - putting clay Dharug [more]
malagadang body louse Dharug [more]
buga boil Dharug [more]
burgaya boil Dharug [more]
dyer bone Dharawal [more]
dyara bone Dharug [more]
dyara bone Barrang Dharawal [more]
buk book Dharug [more]
buumarang boomerang Warami Dharug [more]
Kurra-bodu boomerang Dharawal [more]
warrangan Boomerang Dharawal [more]
bumarang boomerang for fighting Dharug [more]
bumarang boomerang for fighting Dharawal [more]
bumarit boomerang for fighting Dharug [more]
bumarit boomerang for fighting Dharawal [more]
wumarang boomerang for fighting Dharug [more]
wumarang boomerang for fighting Dharawal [more]
yara boomerang for fighting Dharug [more]
ganaligalyung Boorreea's tribe Dharug [more]
yalabi dayalung bora ceremony Dharug [more]
marama bored Dharug [more]
marbal bosom Dharug [more]
garangarani Botany bay Dharug [more]
Ngalya both Dharawal [more]
bulali Both Dharawal [more]
ngalya both Dharug [more]
badal bottle Dharug [more]
wungarra boy Dharug [more]
wungarra boy Warami Dharawal [more]
gibara boys after tooth evulsion ceremony Dharug [more]
gurgi bracken fern root Plant Dharawal [more]
gurgi bracken root Badalya Dharug [more]
daliyungay Bradley Point Dharug [more]
madung brave Dharug [more]
baradu bread Badalya Dharug [more]
gwanggal bread Badalya Dharawal [more]
garang- break Dharug [more]
gidjigbani break or cut Dharug [more]
gudba- break or cut Dharug [more]
baragabat breakfast Dharug [more]
ngarrun breakfast Dharug [more]
buridyuwuwugulya Breakfast Point Dharug [more]
yarramarra bream Dharug [more]
nabang breast Barrang Dharawal [more]
warra breast Dharug [more]
nabang breasts or nipples Dharug [more]
buwama- breathe Dharug [more]
ngayana breathe Dharug [more]
ngayari- bring Dharug [more]
yalinga- bring Dharug [more]
bugrabanya broken to pieces - as a ship or boat Dharug [more]
bugrabala broken to pieces; eg chinaware Dharug [more]
dyuralya brolga Dharug [more]
dyuralya brolga Bird Dharawal [more]
babana brother Dharug [more]
babana brother Mudjin Dharawal [more]
gumal brother Dharug [more]
burumarri brown gum Plant Dharawal [more]
burumamaray brown gum Dharug [more]
miring brown marsupial mouse Dharawal [more]
mirrin brown marsupial mouse Dharug [more]
mirrin brown marsupial mouse Mammal Dharawal [more]
kooroora brushtail possum Dharawal [more]
ganadinga burn Dharug [more]
-buni burnt Dharug [more]
biya- burnt Dharug [more]
ganay burnt Dharug [more]
bung buttocks Dharug [more]
bung buttocks Barrang Dharawal [more]
guwagu bye and bye; presently Dharug [more]
waringa bye and bye; presently Dharug [more]
yirabuwabu bye and bye; presently Dharug [more]
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