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Dharug English Category Dialect
guwing burragula sunset Nura dharug Listen [more]
guwing bayabuba sun rise dharug Listen [more]
darratt gunang spear Badalya dharug Listen [more]
ngyina stand between dharug Listen [more]
murjalga saturday Warami dharug Listen [more]
gwiangaga sunday dharug Listen [more]
badu soak or washing water dharug Listen [more]
yuridyuwa shut the door dharug Listen [more]
yuridyuwa sit near Warami dharug Listen [more]
wuruna smolder (the fire is out, going out) dharug Listen [more]
wurral slow Warami dharug Listen [more]
wulumay Snapper Warami dharug Listen [more]
wigun spear throwing stick dharug Listen [more]
warrawi stand Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
wari spear from grass reed Warami dharug Listen [more]
wari spear made from a reed dharug Listen [more]
waranara seek Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
waran Sydney Cove Warami dharug Listen [more]
walangalyung spear armed with pieces dharug Listen [more]
ngumun silence! or hush! dharug Listen [more]
ngalga sit and look Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
nangara sleepy Ngaya dharug Listen [more]
nanga sleep Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
nanga sleepy dharug Listen [more]
naminma show Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
murul sand dharug Listen [more]
murul sand or beach dharug Listen [more]
mudbi stare Warami dharug Listen [more]
may stranger (word has reference dharug Listen [more]
marrayagong spider Insect dharug Listen [more]
marragawan snake, brown snake Reptile dharug Listen [more]
marang sandy beach dharug Listen [more]
gura sunk dharug Listen [more]
gunyamarra stink or bad smell dharug Listen [more]
gunyamarra stinking or bad smell Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
gilabiny sea gull Bird dharug Listen [more]
garrigarrang sea Nura dharug Listen [more]
garrig garang sea dharug Listen [more]
garraway sulphur crested cockatoo dharug Listen [more]
garramilyi soak Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
ganadyul spear armed with stones dharug Listen [more]
gana smell dharug Listen [more]
gana smell/burn Warami dharug Listen [more]
gamarabu same day Warami dharug Listen [more]
gadyan sydney cockle Badalya dharug Listen [more]
gadjal smoke Badalya dharug Listen [more]
dyargali scratch Barrang dharug Listen [more]
dyaramak sacred kingfisher Bird Dharawal Listen [more]
duwal short spear two barb Badalya dharug Listen [more]
duwal spear; short with 2 barbs Dharawal Listen [more]
duttrung shoulder Barrang dharug Listen [more]
djurumin sister Mudjin dharug Listen [more]
dawaran seal Water Mammals dharug Listen [more]
burumurring sea eagle Bird dharug Listen [more]
bunburra skink, small lizard Reptile dharug Listen [more]
bulada snake Reptile dharug Listen [more]
bindhi stomach or belly Warami dharug Listen [more]
barrang stomach Barrang dharug Listen [more]
balgayalang south Nura dharug Listen [more]
baggi skin Barrang dharug Listen [more]
badjal sick Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
walumi shnapper dharug Listen [more]
wallaba swamp wallaby dharug Listen [more]
niwanyi shin bone dharug Listen [more]
marigung spider dharug Listen [more]
dutrung shoulders dharug Listen [more]
daringyal stingray Fish dharug Listen [more]
darawan seal dharug Listen [more]
birrung stars dharug Listen [more]
berang small fish dharug Listen [more]
Mareiin Sacred Dharawal [more]
daraguwayang same - the same dharug [more]
marrang sand or beach dharug [more]
marrang sand; beach Dharawal [more]
baya- say dharug [more]
Yuri Say Dharawal [more]
yuri say dharug [more]
wirung scar on the back dharug [more]
garanga scarify the chest - to make dharug [more]
gungarray scars on the breast dharug [more]
wami scold dharug [more]
buduway scorch dharug [more]
djuni scorpion dharug [more]
minay scrape dharug [more]
djaramada scrub, dry jungle Nura dharug [more]
barrawal sea dharug [more]
gathu sea Dharawal [more]
waradyal sea mullet (large) dharug [more]
girra~girra seagull Bird Dharawal [more]
guwal second dharug [more]
walanga second dharug [more]
balangalawul second island coming up the harbour dharug [more]
na- see dharug [more]
naa see Manyaniya dharug [more]
Ngaa See Dharawal [more]
Ngaramura See the way Dharawal [more]
baduwa seek dharug [more]
na- seek dharug [more]
yuma- send dharug [more]
yiliri- send away dharug [more]
gunama set on fire dharug [more]
gurarayagun seventh island coming up the harbour dharug [more]
gudhaling sexual desire dharug [more]
bawuwan shadow dharug [more]
buwari buwa shadow dharug [more]
gugubuwari shadow dharug [more]
bulu shadow of tree Plant dharug [more]
guwali shag or cormorant Bird Dharawal [more]
guwali shag or cormorant dharug [more]
manya sharpen - as the points of a fish gig dharug [more]
yurulbara sharpen - as the points of a fish gig dharug [more]
yara sharpen - as the points of a fish gig dharug [more]
bunyadil shave (to singe the beard off) dharug [more]
bawaga shelter dharug [more]
dawarang shield dharug [more]
aragung shield for war Dharawal [more]
yarragung shield for war - made of solid dharug [more]
milandhunth shield used to repel club dharug [more]
yilimung shield used to repel spears dharug [more]
walu shin Dharawal [more]
gili gili shine dharug [more]
marri nuwi ship dharug [more]
buruwang ship (lit island) dharug [more]
dagurayagu shiver dharug [more]
dyiral shoal water dharug [more]
darrbi short or low dharug [more]
dumuru short or low dharug [more]
djarrung shoulder dharug [more]
gumba shout dharug [more]
ginara shovel nosed ray without a sting dharug [more]
muluma shut a clasp knife dharug [more]
wirribara shut the door dharug [more]
mimuguru shut the eyes dharug [more]
mulali sick dharug [more]
mula sick or to vomit dharug [more]
nguttan Sides Dharawal [more]
ngayana sigh dharug [more]
baraya- sing dharug [more]
yaban sing dharug [more]
murradjulbi singing bushlark Bird Dharawal [more]
murradjulbi singing bushlark dharug [more]
ngamul sinker for a fishing line made dharug [more]
djuguru sister dharug [more]
dugana sister dharug [more]
mamuna sister dharug [more]
djambing sister-in-law dharug [more]
ngalawa sit dharug [more]
ngalawa- sit dharug [more]
nalawala sit down! dharug [more]
marrigang sittella dharug [more]
barrangal skin dharug [more]
Kurra-nu Skin Dharawal [more]
burra sky dharug [more]
burra; garrayura sky Dharawal [more]
buurah sky Nura dharug [more]
garrayura sky dharug [more]
nangara- sleep dharug [more]
nanga- sleepy dharug [more]
mugadun sleepy lizard, a large spotted dharug [more]
mayagawarrbay slip dharug [more]
Kulla-Gua Small Fish Dharawal [more]
narang small dharug [more]
warroo Small boy Dharawal [more]
maliyawul small cove within the harbour dharug [more]
winnarga Small girl Dharawal [more]
narang nuwi small ship - name given to dharug [more]
galgala smallpox-like disease dharug [more]
galgala smallpox-like disease Dharawal [more]
midyung smallpox-like disease dharug [more]
bugra- smash (break) dharug [more]
darrat smash (break) dharug [more]
gunda smell dharug [more]
gadial smoke Dharawal [more]
guyung smoke from fire Nura dharug [more]
bula smolder (the fire is out, going out) dharug [more]
ngimagay smolder (the fire is out, going out) dharug [more]
gulara bayala snarling with anger dharug [more]
yaramadyawiniya snatch dharug [more]
dyiringang sneeze dharug [more]
guruda- snore dharug [more]
nagarang snot dharug [more]
yiyari so, thus, in this manner dharug [more]
garra- soak or washing water dharug [more]
garramilyi badu soak or washing water dharug [more]
muday soft - easy for a child to eat, dharug [more]
marraia Some Dharawal [more]
gurubi someone's name dharug [more]
murubara someone's name dharug [more]
durung son dharug [more]
durunung son Badalya dharug [more]
ngayarayagal soon dharug [more]
budhawa sooty owl dharug [more]
midyung sore Dharawal [more]
gigi sore (also 'torn') dharug [more]
midyung sore (also 'torn') dharug [more]
ngandu sorry dharug [more]
daralaba South Head dharug [more]
Baya Speak Dharawal [more]
baya- speak dharug [more]
garriga speak dharug [more]
mubaya speak an unknown language dharug [more]
gunang spear dharug [more]
wigun spear thrower made from heavy wood with one end rounded to be used as a digging stick. Dharawal [more]
wumara spear throwing stick dharug [more]
nuru gamay spear with one barb dharug [more]
bilarra spear with one wooden barb dharug [more]
garubini spear, short with two barbs dharug [more]
gungul Spectacle Island - seventh island coming up the harbour dharug [more]
danganuwa spider dharug [more]
gumada spirit or a D.D. body dharug [more]
djugi spit dharug [more]
dyuranga spit dharug [more]
buran splinter dharug [more]
dhuraga splinter Plant dharug [more]
gumbara sprat dharug [more]
yuril squill dharug [more]
gurugabundi stammering dharug [more]
manya stand dharug [more]
narri- stand dharug [more]
buruwuna stanger's name dharug [more]
bulwurra stare dharug [more]
nadawunma stare dharug [more]
gimbawali stars dharug [more]
garama steal dharug [more]
muring stick like a toy spear dharug [more]
muring stick which children throw at dharug [more]
daringyan sting ray dharug [more]
guji stink or bad smell dharug [more]
garramanyi stomach ache dharug [more]
Mugu stone hatchet Dharawal [more]
wabat stone hatchet handle dharug [more]
mugu stone hatchet or tomahawk dharug [more]
giba stone or rock dharug [more]
Ngad Stop Dharawal [more]
mayalya stop a little stop dharug [more]
walawa stop a little stop dharug [more]
ngadu stop stop! dharug [more]
guguggu stop! dharug [more]
guwawugu stop! dharug [more]
yanada stop! dharug [more]
wiyanada stop! dharug [more]
wari wari stop! - a term of execration dharug [more]
baluwi stopped working (literally dead) dharug [more]
yellamundie story teller Nura dharug [more]
dugarang straight dharug [more]
mayal stranger (word has reference dharug [more]
djura strike (as a fish with a fishgig) dharug [more]
dudbara strike (as a fish with a fishgig) dharug [more]
buran stringybark Plant dharug [more]
bulbuwul strong dharug [more]
bininggaray stupid dharug [more]
dinbin Stupid/silly/deaf Dharawal [more]
djuga sugar dharug [more]
djubi sugar glider Dharawal [more]
djubi sugar glider dharug [more]
djalba sulphur dharug [more]
garrawi/kirrawee sulphur-crested cockatoo Bird Dharawal [more]
guwing sun Nura dharug [more]
guyunga sunday Warami dharug [more]
dyarra murrama guwing sunset - literally 'the sun dharug [more]
bunul sunshine dharug [more]
muruduwin superb fairy-wren dharug [more]
mannyi mali surprised or startled dharug [more]
mannyi mungala surprised or startled dharug [more]
gurruguwidbi swallow dharug [more]
miwuluni- swallow with difficulty dharug [more]
banggarai swamp wallaby Dharawal [more]
banggaray swamp wallaby dharug [more]
dyun swamp wallaby dharug [more]
dangaa swan Bird Dharawal [more]
garadyi sweat (also 'to sweat') dharug [more]
yuruga sweat (also 'to sweat') dharug [more]
waringa swim dharug [more]
bugi- swim dharug [more]
wadabi swim dharug [more]
marri garadyara swollen wrist dharug [more]
barang sword dharug [more]
garabul sword dharug [more]
yarra sword dharug [more]
dubuwagulya Sydney Cove east point dharug [more]
daruwiya Sydney Cove west point dharug [more]
badangi Sydney rock oyster dharug [more]
badangigu Sydney rock oyster shell dharug [more]
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