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Word List

Dharug English Category Dialect
yirabana this way Warami Dharug Listen [more]
yira throw Warami Dharug Listen [more]
yiniya there Warami Dharug Listen [more]
yilamay throwing spear Warami Dharug Listen [more]
wurrungwuri this side of the river Nura Dharug Listen [more]
wunul tired Mudjin Dharug Listen [more]
wunal tired Warami Dharug Listen [more]
wumidjanga to scold Warami Dharug Listen [more]
wingaru thinking Dharug Listen [more]
wigun throwing stick Warami Dharug Listen [more]
manuwi toe Barrang Dharug Listen [more]
gamay two barbed spear Badalya Dharug Listen [more]
gaguna toad fish Fish Dharug Listen [more]
dura thirsty Dharug Listen [more]
diya this Dharug Listen [more]
dharra thighs Barrang Dharug Listen [more]
darani tree; ghost gum Plant Dharug Listen [more]
buruwi three Dharug Listen [more]
bunya tea-tree Plant Dharug Listen [more]
wyamunu thumb Dharug Listen [more]
man-na-ran teeth of a kangaroo Dharug Listen [more]
durraburra-da wugulgu yagana-da wala today once a day say Dharug Listen [more]
dara teeth Dharug Listen [more]
dali wingaru-waru dalang ngyina-ra murrai murray byalla-ra marri that we're thinking about this tongue¬⊠we many many are speaking right now. Dharug Listen [more]
dalang tongue Dharug Listen [more]
nyega tuesday Warami Dharug Listen [more]
murungalga thursday Dharug Listen [more]
dun tail Mammal Dharawal [more]
mana- take Dharug [more]
burbangana take hold of my hand and help me up Dharug [more]
bunilbanga take off (as in coat) Dharug [more]
baya- talk Dharug [more]
bayidyiyadi talk Dharug [more]
byala talk Dharug [more]
djiyadi talk Dharug [more]
binit tawny frogmouth Bird Dharawal [more]
dji tea Dharug [more]
dilbanga tear as paper or ring as a bell Dharug [more]
migal tears Dharug [more]
buna- tease - to speak falsely in jest Dharug [more]
nangyila telescope - 'a glass to look through' Dharug [more]
guwanyi tell Dharug [more]
Guwanyi Tell Dharawal [more]
bura testicle Dharug [more]
garawu testicle Dharug [more]
bura testicles Barrang Dharawal [more]
didjurigura thank you Warami Dharug [more]
didjarigura thanks (also 'enough') Dharug [more]
marri ganandyanga may the effect of the hot burning Dharug [more]
yanngoolaia ngulling yum The man came with me Dharawal [more]
Yanngoolara yullin yu The man came with you Dharawal [more]
Jaulaia njaragendi The man is running towards Dharawal [more]
jauiang yum The man will come Dharawal [more]
Jauinyindadadhan yundyoo The men ran away from me Dharawal [more]
Guruwull The Whale Dharawal [more]
ngurisenggullagula Their camp Dharawal [more]
ngeurunggalagugal Their camp Dharawal [more]
wala then Dharug [more]
di there Dharug [more]
ngil there Dharug [more]
dingaladi there he; she or it is Dharug [more]
woola They Dharawal [more]
bindauwaian They all gave me Dharawal [more]
bindaw-wanying They all gave thee Dharawal [more]
dhandya-wa They ate Dharawal [more]
Bindaulainying They gave to Thee Dharawal [more]
Bindaulaian They two gave to me Dharawal [more]
bindaulainying They two of them gave to thee Dharawal [more]
darra thigh Dharug [more]
wingara think Dharug [more]
djuli thirsty Dharug [more]
yiribana this way Dharug [more]
Buruwi Three Dharawal [more]
bulawiri wugul three Dharug [more]
boolagar-mukka Three; Dharawal [more]
barangal throat Dharug [more]
barangal throat Barrang Dharawal [more]
Ngyla Through Dharawal [more]
garaya- throw Dharug [more]
wana- throw away Dharug [more]
yara- throw away Dharug [more]
wiyangara thumb Dharug [more]
wiyumanu thumb Dharug [more]
mirribi thunder Nura Dharawal [more]
murungal thunder Dharug [more]
murungal thunder Nura Dharawal [more]
danyaya tickle Dharug [more]
gidigidi tickle Dharug [more]
marriyagang tiger cat Dharug [more]
marriyagang tiger cat Mammal Dharawal [more]
yanbat tired Dharug [more]
yaraba tired Dharug [more]
dali to Dharug [more]
dyurwamori Yurimaia To settle (relax) Dharawal [more]
gaguni toadfish Fish Dharawal [more]
gaguni toadfish Fish Dharawal [more]
yagu today Dharug [more]
barrabugu tomorrow Dharug [more]
burani tomorrow Dharug [more]
mulinawul tomorrow morning Dharug [more]
dalang tongue Barrang Dharawal [more]
mandilladhan Took from me Dharawal [more]
dara tooth Barrang Dharawal [more]
burumurung tooth evulsion ceremony Dharug [more]
gurungyi biyal tooth evulsion ceremony Dharug [more]
yulang yirabadjang tooth evulsion ceremony Dharug [more]
yulang yirabadjang tooth extraction initiation ceremony for young men Dharawal [more]
darabundi toothless Dharug [more]
budu torch made of reeds Dharug [more]
bulagu torn (also sore) Dharug [more]
madyung torn (also sore) Dharug [more]
daramu tree Plant Dharug [more]
diramu tree Plant Dharawal [more]
diramu tree Plant Dharawal [more]
yarung tree - a type of tree Dharug [more]
guwibul tree; dead Plant Dharug [more]
daramaragal tribe Weran belongs to Wanne Dharug [more]
bira biragalyung tribe's name Dharug [more]
gurunguragal tribe's name Dharug [more]
mari- trust (see 'lend') Dharug [more]
yuwin Truth Dharawal [more]
yuwing truth (also 'yes') Dharug [more]
wali- turn Dharug [more]
walu- turn Dharug [more]
walibanga turn upside down Dharug [more]
walubudyun turn when walking Dharug [more]
gudugulung turtle Dharug [more]
gugulug turtle Reptile Dharug [more]
Bula Two Dharawal [more]
bula two Dharug [more]
bulawiri two Dharug [more]
yubulawiri two Dharug [more]
Yunbulali yandawula Bunnabi-u Two men went to Bunabee Dharawal [more]
boolagar Two; Dharawal [more]
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