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Word List

Dharug English Category Dialect
ngan diya giyara what's this name Barrang dharug Listen [more]
ngyina we dharug Listen [more]
kirrawee white cockatoo dharug Listen [more]
guwarra wind Nura dharug Listen [more]
guwarra wind dharug Listen [more]
birrungga wednesday Warami dharug Listen [more]
badu water Dharawal Listen [more]
badu water Nura dharug Listen [more]
badu water dharug Listen [more]
wawu where Nura dharug Listen [more]
wadanguli wattle Plant dharug Listen [more]
ngan when, what dharug Listen [more]
murubin woman's milk dharug Listen [more]
migawarrma wink dharug Listen [more]
gura warm - to warm dharug Listen [more]
gura wind dharug Listen [more]
gawura whale Water Mammals dharug Listen [more]
garraway white cockatoo Bird dharug Listen [more]
garramilyi wash Manyaniya dharug Listen [more]
garramilyi wash or soak dharug Listen [more]
dyinmang wife dharug Listen [more]
dyinmang woman, married Mudjin dharug Listen [more]
dyin wife dharug Listen [more]
dyin woman Dharawal Listen [more]
dyin woman Mudjin dharug Listen [more]
diamuwa where are you dharug Listen [more]
damara wipe the hands dharug Listen [more]
buruwi wind - east dharug Listen [more]
buruwan wind - north dharug Listen [more]
burumurring wedge-tailed eagle Bird Dharawal Listen [more]
burumurring wedge-tailed eagle dharug Listen [more]
burradhun witchity grub Badalya dharug Listen [more]
bulbalga wake up dharug Listen [more]
budyari well Warami dharug Listen [more]
bayinmarri west Nura dharug Listen [more]
bayinmarri wind - south dharug Listen [more]
bayinmarri wind - west dharug Listen [more]
badabayumi will you eat dharug Listen [more]
yenma yenmalalibyila, walk,let's walk together dharug Listen [more]
wallaru wallaby dharug Listen [more]
yana- walk Manyaniya dharug [more]
yana- walk or go dharug [more]
bidhang wallaroo dharug [more]
wularu wallaroo Dharawal [more]
wularu wallaroo dharug [more]
warada waratah Plant dharug [more]
djiriyay warcry dharug [more]
buduwa warm one's hand by the fire dharug [more]
dyanang wart dharug [more]
ganga- wash or soak dharug [more]
yanung watch dharug [more]
nayung water dharug [more]
guru water, deep Nura dharug [more]
bangala water-carrying vessel made from bark tied at each end Dharawal [more]
Wadananguli Wattle Plant Dharawal [more]
ngulling We Dharawal [more]
ngurimgalagi We camp Dharawal [more]
ngyinari we three Ngaya dharug [more]
ngalari we two Ngaya dharug [more]
ngalu we two only Ngaya dharug [more]
djawarra weapon of defence dharug [more]
dyarrba weary, tire or ache dharug [more]
yenda yenliria Went Dharawal [more]
madala west point of camp cove dharug [more]
marray wet dharug [more]
Guruma Whale Meat Dharawal [more]
warrumu ?ye warru wani Where are going auntie Dharawal [more]
darangaraguya where the fisherman's hut was dharug [more]
dalawuladak where the hospital stood dharug [more]
wurgawina whistle dharug [more]
diamuldiamul whistling kite Bird Dharawal [more]
dabuwa white dharug [more]
dyirra white dharug [more]
dabuwa white clay dharug [more]
dabuwa white clay (also 'white') dharug [more]
djanarruk white footed tree rat dharug [more]
dabuwamili- white painted dharug [more]
wayjin barrabin white woman Dharawal [more]
ngana who Manyaniya dharug [more]
gulang widow in mourning Dharawal [more]
danungaru wife dharug [more]
Bindendham Will give to me Dharawal [more]
bindendhan Will give to me Dharawal [more]
nambangandha Will look you Dharawal [more]
nandin Will loook to Dharawal [more]
buruwang wind - east dharug [more]
yuruga gura wind - north dharug [more]
dulugal wind - north west dharug [more]
badjayalang wind - south dharug [more]
dugara gura wind - south dharug [more]
gunyama wind - south west dharug [more]
yarabalang wind - south west dharug [more]
bayin wind - west dharug [more]
winda window dharug [more]
dalangyila window glass dharug [more]
daging wine - from the loyal toast dharug [more]
wilbing wing Bird Dharawal [more]
wilbing wing dharug [more]
guragina wink dharug [more]
migawarma wink Warami dharug [more]
warrin winter dharug [more]
daramuragal Wo-ran's tribe dharug [more]
malgun woman with two joints of the little finger on her left hand removed ritually Dharawal [more]
buruwia woman's name dharug [more]
nguruwin woman's name dharug [more]
wumbat wombat Dharawal [more]
wumbat wombat Mammal dharug [more]
didjurigur women Mudjin dharug [more]
dyinalyung women dharug [more]
boorooraralyun women's gathering Nura dharug [more]
wungawunga wonga pigeon dharug [more]
wungawunga wonga pigeon Bird Dharawal [more]
wadi wood itself as opposed to dharug [more]
Kunna-rinju wood spear Dharawal [more]
wiribay worn out dharug [more]
garangan worse dharug [more]
wulumi worse dharug [more]
bayawurra wound dharug [more]
gamaybirung wound from a stick dharug [more]
wadibarang wound from a stick dharug [more]
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