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Word List

Dharug English Category Dialect
yarragul clean Warami Dharug Listen [more]
wari carry away Dharug Listen [more]
walu chin Barrang Dharug Listen [more]
nura country Nura Dharug Listen [more]
ngurra camp Nura Dharug Listen [more]
ngayiri carry Dharug Listen [more]
guwuwi Come here Warami Dharug Listen [more]
gurung child Mudjin Dharug Listen [more]
gurung child or baby Dharug Listen [more]
gunalung caterpillar Insect Dharug Listen [more]
gulyangarri children Mudjin Dharug Listen [more]
gayumay Collin's Cove Warami Dharug Listen [more]
gawi come here! Dharug Listen [more]
gawi come! Dharug Listen [more]
garrinarribili cough Dharug Listen [more]
garalung caterpillar Dharug Listen [more]
garaguru cloud Nura Dharug Listen [more]
garaguru cloud Nura Dharawal Listen [more]
garagun centipede Insect Dharug Listen [more]
gannaguliyung clan name Dharug Listen [more]
ganing cave Nura Dharug Listen [more]
galuwa climb Warami Dharug Listen [more]
duwana courtship Mudjin Dharug Listen [more]
daranggara cabbage tree Plant Dharug Listen [more]
darangara cabbage tree Warami Dharug Listen [more]
burammediagal clan name Dharug Listen [more]
bulmiya clap hands Warami Dharug Listen [more]
bira cheek Barrang Dharug Listen [more]
berriwerri crossing place Dharug Listen [more]
bayinmilyi cool Warami Dharug Listen [more]
bayinmilyi cool oneself Dharug Listen [more]
banyibulung Colebe's Child Warami Dharug Listen [more]
ngalawayu gumang come sit with grandfather Dharug Listen [more]
gungaray chest Dharug Listen [more]
buung cheeks Dharug Listen [more]
garriberri coroboree Dharug Listen [more]
daranggara cabbage tree Plant Dharawal [more]
gama- call Dharug [more]
ngurra camp Dharawal [more]
gandal candle Dharug [more]
nuwi canoe Dharawal [more]
nuwi canoe; boat or other water Dharug [more]
damang cap Dharawal [more]
damang cap or covering for the head Dharug [more]
wudi cap or covering for the head Dharug [more]
wulgan cap or covering for the head Dharug [more]
djamuldjamul carrion hawk or whistling kite Dharug [more]
gudhaway carrion hawk or whistling kite Dharug [more]
Ngayiri Carry Dharawal [more]
dharrawa cat Mammal Dharawal [more]
gambaguluk cattle - horned cattle Dharug [more]
ngalamay caught by the elbow; Dharug [more]
ganing cave Nura Dharawal [more]
djingaring centipede Dharug [more]
ganaray centipede Dharug [more]
yalabi daiyalung bora ceremony Dharawal [more]
buduway ceremony to prevent people becoming theives Dharug [more]
damuli change names Dharug [more]
birra cheek Dharug [more]
Ku-kunda Cheek Dharawal [more]
marbal chest Barrang Dharawal [more]
djang- chew Dharug [more]
guroong child baby Mudjin Dharawal [more]
wungarra djugama child carried on the shoulders Dharug [more]
buriguru child eight months old Dharug [more]
damunalung child or baby Dharug [more]
garadyigan child or baby Dharug [more]
gurung child; baby Warami Dharawal [more]
burraay children Warami Dharawal [more]
gadigabudyari Christmas bell Plant Dharawal [more]
gadigalbudyari christmas bell Plant Dharug [more]
bumarabanyali clap hands Dharug [more]
Galuwa Climb Dharawal [more]
winima close by Dharug [more]
buruwa cloud Dharug [more]
darrilbarra club Dharug [more]
darrilbarra club Warami Dharug [more]
duwinul club Dharug [more]
ganadaling club Dharug [more]
ganigul club Dharug [more]
garrawang club Dharug [more]
kudru Club Dharawal [more]
ngalangala club Dharug [more]
wuda club Dharug [more]
banday club - a plain club Dharug [more]
gabarra club - a plain club Dharug [more]
wudi club shaped from a long piece of wood thicker at one end Dharawal [more]
wuda, club shaped from a long piece of wood thicker at one end Dharawal [more]
ngalangala club with a mushroom-shaped head Dharawal [more]
warayama Cockatoo Island; sixth island Dharug [more]
bimbala cockles Fish Dharawal [more]
dagura cold Nura Dharawal [more]
dagura cold Dharug [more]
dagura madjanga cold - severely cold Dharug [more]
medjung cold - severely cold Dharug [more]
mana- collect (see 'take') Dharug [more]
gawi bidja come here! Dharug [more]
ngamuru compass - literally 'to see the way Dharug [more]
buruwanwa compass direction Nura Dharug [more]
dudba conceal Dharug [more]
gunama cook Dharug [more]
Bayin cool Nura Dharawal [more]
Murayung cool change Nura Dharawal [more]
bayin- cool-to cool Dharug [more]
galin copulate Dharug [more]
galu copulate Dharug [more]
ganadinga copulate Dharug [more]
ngudadha copulate Dharug [more]
yanga copulate Dharug [more]
gulgagaru corkwood Plant Dharug [more]
garaga cough Dharug [more]
garragin cough Dharug [more]
garri- cough Dharug [more]
wudiba wudiba country near bare island Dharug [more]
nura country; place Nura Dharawal [more]
walamul cove near Farm cove Dharug [more]
gariyagin cove next to Farm Cove Dharug [more]
Bubanga cover Dharawal [more]
bubanga- cover Dharug [more]
Bubilyi cover myself Dharawal [more]
bubilyi- cover oneself Dharug [more]
bangi covered or dressed - as a sore Dharug [more]
djirrun coward; run away Dharug [more]
yara crab Dharug [more]
yaxa crab Fish Dharawal [more]
ginyi crack between the nails Dharug [more]
daguba creek - brush cherry Plant Dharawal [more]
daguba creek or brush cherry Dharug [more]
maruwi creep Dharug [more]
mirral crested pigeon Dharug [more]
wanyuwin crested shrike-tit Dharug [more]
bayala crooked Dharug [more]
Kittie-la-gu Crooked Dharawal [more]
guragayin cross-eyed Dharug [more]
wugan crow Bird Dharawal [more]
Waroo Crow; Dharawal [more]
dunga- cry or weep Dharug [more]
yiwayiwa gagagaga cry uttered by assistants during tooth evulsion Dharug [more]
biyani curative operation performed Dharug [more]
biyani curative operation performed by women to cure illness in other women Dharawal [more]
warabada dadja curse - a curse Dharug [more]
galabidya cut Dharug [more]
wugan minaring cutting off Dharug [more]
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