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Word List

Dharug English Category Dialect
yanada bura moon when set Nura dharug Listen [more]
yanadaga monday Warami dharug Listen [more]
wilbung magpie dharug Listen [more]
yirran many Warami dharug Listen [more]
wurridjal mullet Warami dharug Listen [more]
wura mouse Warami dharug Listen [more]
wura mouse or rat dharug Listen [more]
wuban male possum Mammal dharug Listen [more]
wiyanga mother Mudjin dharug Listen [more]
warrawal milky way Nura dharug Listen [more]
warragal mackerel dharug Listen [more]
waalan mouth Barrang dharug Listen [more]
muruna march fly Insect dharug Listen [more]
murubin milk Badalya dharug Listen [more]
miluny mud Warami dharug Listen [more]
marri many, a great deal, large etc Mudjin dharug Listen [more]
gabagaba middle head Nura dharug Listen [more]
dyulibang maggot Insect dharug Listen [more]
dura mosquito Insect dharug Listen [more]
bulga mountain dharug Listen [more]
bimina marrow Warami dharug Listen [more]
berangmungadyanga my stomach aches dharug Listen [more]
maugrai male emu Bird dharug Listen [more]
malin male dharug Listen [more]
bugul mouse or rat dharug Listen [more]
waragal mackerel dharug [more]
buduwanung Magellanic cloud - the greater dharug [more]
galgalyung Magellanic cloud - the greater dharug [more]
guwal Magellanic cloud - the greater dharug [more]
ngarangalyong Magellanic cloud - the greater dharug [more]
ngarangalyon Magellanic cloud - the lesser dharug [more]
buduwangung Magellanic clouds Dharawal [more]
nuwalgang magpie goose dharug [more]
nuwalgang magpie goose Bird Dharawal [more]
burumamaray mahogany, brown gum tree Plant dharug [more]
gunyuu Mail bird (Wag Tail) Bird Dharawal [more]
daraya- make a mistake in speaking dharug [more]
wunyawuri make believe dharug [more]
banga- make or do dharug [more]
bangawarra make or do Warami dharug [more]
bini- make or do dharug [more]
warra- make or do dharug [more]
yama- make or do dharug [more]
yanga- make or do dharug [more]
guwul male animals in general dharug [more]
dhulay man dharug [more]
dullai man Mudjin dharug [more]
mula man dharug [more]
mulabu man dharug [more]
mulla man Mudjin dharug [more]
Yun Man Dharawal [more]
gayamay Manly Bay dharug [more]
Yirran Many Dharawal [more]
mugungalyi marital partner dharug [more]
malarra married dharug [more]
mangi married dharug [more]
bunyarinarin masked lapwing dharug [more]
bunyarinarin masked lapwing Bird Dharawal [more]
ganmiludhi masterbation dharug [more]
nuwa matter in a sore dharug [more]
murayung mediang-ha (c), ta-yo-ra me-diang-a (C) cool - pleasantly cold dharug [more]
didjurigura men Mudjin dharug [more]
gooboora men's gathering Nura dharug [more]
barugali middle finger or ring finger dharug [more]
dura dyang milk dharug [more]
garaga milk dharug [more]
midya milk dharug [more]
mundu milk dharug [more]
murdin milk dharug [more]
Warrawul Milky Way Dharawal [more]
yarrabuni mind your work! dharug [more]
dani mine Ngaya dharug [more]
dara- mistake dharug [more]
yanadag monday dharug [more]
djilak moon dharug [more]
yanada moon dharug [more]
yanada barragi moon - when set dharug [more]
binit mopoke or tawny frogmouth dharug [more]
gurra more dharug [more]
wurri more dharug [more]
gurragurra more and more dharug [more]
burbigal morning dharug [more]
mulinawul morning dharug [more]
winbin morning dharug [more]
Kon-m-aru Mosquito Dharawal [more]
miingan Mother Dharawal [more]
miinya mother Dharawal [more]
gawaaj Mount Dromedary Dharawal [more]
mubi mourner at a funeral dharug [more]
gulang mourning widow while dharug [more]
bugul/wurra mouse or rat Dharawal [more]
bugul; wurra mouse; rat Dharawal [more]
garaga mouth Dharawal [more]
daynya mud oyster dharug [more]
badubirung mud skipper dharug [more]
gurun muscle dharug [more]
ngalangala mushroom dharug [more]
bayumi music - a tune dharug [more]
bundaluk musk lorikeet, rosella or dharug [more]
guma musk lorikeet, rosella or dharug [more]
dalgal mussel dharug [more]
djugung mussel dharug [more]
nguringgadhi My camp Dharawal [more]
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