Local Country

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Some talk about country you are on. This is based around Sydney, some areas in the city and the grounds of the university. There was a borah ground in the Ultimo/Chippendale area and it was used for educational purposes for many thousands of years. We want to speak about this again in our language


This is the place where we corroboree for this area

Diya dah wingaru nura nunang la nung ngyina garriberri


There are no trees on the corroboree ground (remove)

Biyall yinyan garriberri-wa nura  


At the corroboree ground the people gather 

Wawa nin garriberri nura dah


The corroboree ground is big How does he indicate big? 

Nin garriberri marri-da


See the kangaroo 

Naa-ni nin Badagarang /Badagarong (f)


I am a kangaroo

Ngaya Badagarang


I the moiety totem of the people

Ngyina nangyilaburgay-ga Iyura-wa


People come from far away to speak about country

Iyura gawi wara Jillung byalla-ra nura


They speak about hunting on country

Jillung byalla waru wulbung nura-wa


People are coming

Iyura-wa gawi-da