Talking about Country

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These are examples that can be used in other applications as a wordlist or phrases. It is talking about our totem and our country. Also we want to extend this with more lessons about the weather and about our star trails.



I am flying to Gadigal Country

Ngaya wumara-wa Gadigal nura


I am a magpie  

Ngaya Wilbung


I am a song bird

Ngaya-ma yibbun-ga yidbung murradjulbi


I am a totem of the Dharug

Ngaya nangyilaburgay-ga Buruberongal


I am flying over country

Ngaya wumara nura-ma


Gadigal country is our country

Daragule Gadigal Dharwawal dah ngyinu nura


I am seeing clouds

Ngaya naa-ni burrah


The clouds are black

Nin burrah-wa nand


The clouds are full with rain

Nin burrah-wa-ga wallin wullum-ma


I am seeing rain

Ngaya ni-da wallin


The clouds are flying away and further away

Nin burrah-ma wumara-da warra warra


I am looking for the camp

Ngaya naa dane nin ngurra